Secrets Of The Sacred Books

Laitman_137Question: How is it possible to understand what the secrets are in the Torah?

Answer: If we want to understand what the Torah says, you need to start with studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches the method for reading the sacred books. They are called “sacred” because they were written on the level of the upper spiritual world.

So to understand them, we must learn a special language and concepts to know what the words “Adam” (Man) and “soul” mean.

Every word and every sentence in the Torah then will look completely different. It is said that “The Torah speaks in the language of men” (Sifre Bamidbar 112), which means in the “language of the branches.” It uses the words of our world, but is directed toward the roots of everything that is happening, that is, forces that are active in the upper world.

The Torah is called sacred, but in our world there is nothing sacred. Sacred means separated from our world. So, during a wedding, the groom says to the bride, “Behold, you are sacred to me,” meaning distinguished from the entire world and relevant to me only. In that sense, the Torah is also called sacred because it is relevant only to the upper world.

This means that, first of all, we must learn the language in which the Torah is written. Then we will understand all of its stories and see that these are not legends or history. It is a special guidebook that directs us toward a correct perception of reality. The Torah is not talking about events from the distant past but about forces that act on us now.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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