Altruism – The Basic Law Of Nature

Laitman_712_03We are inside the special system that is called “nature” or “Creator,” which is one and the same. This system is closed, perfect, and constant, and humanity receives reactions and influences from it and develops more and more.

The system works on us, trying to bring us into conformity with it, so that we would feel, attain, and become similar to nature by becoming its active integral parts consciously, according to our decision and through our work.

A person should become a master of this system—all people as one creature. In order to become as perfect as the system of nature, we must connect as one man.

Bestowal to each other, mutual connection and support, up to loving your neighbor as yourself, is the law of the single system in which we exist. This system works on us in order to bring us to its state.

Therefore, the law about loving the neighbor is a mandatory law of development that acts upon us regardless of our desire or reluctance. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to fulfill this law so that the advancement will go by a good way, according to the mutual consent of the Creator and creature. Then our development will be fast and enjoyable.

Through a good or a bad way, sooner or later we still advance getting closer to the qualities of the system of nature. We see that the world is changing all the time, each time revealing more advanced states in order to finally fulfill the compulsory requirement. Altruism, a general connection above all the differences, is the basic law of nature, so it should be carried out among the people as well.

Inanimate matter, plants, and animals exist without freedom of choice, but a person must understand this law and agree with it, so much so that even if he has an opportunity to choose something else, he nevertheless prefers this altruistic law of complete connection with others.

Altruism is the final state of the evolution of nature to which we shall come. Along the way, we always pass through two states, two lines. We enter the left line, sufferings and troubles, and then we understand that it is necessary to connect and rush to the right line.

Humanity moves this way: sometimes brutal regimes arise, and other times more kind and merciful ones. Again and again evil and good replace each other, until finally, after all these sufferings, we would say, “enough!” and will be able to unite completely.

Question: Why is the reaction of the system on human behavior so nonlinear and complicated? One nation doesn’t act in an integral form, and the system hits another nation. Everything is so confusing it is difficult to advance.

Answer: Indeed, advancement is not carried out according to our understanding and feeling, but in accordance with the reason and the sense of the higher degree called “faith above reason.” After all, we advance due to the higher forces of nature. Why did it organize so we can’t see anything on this path?

The Kabbalists explain that if we had an opportunity to see everything, we would never ascend to the higher degree. We would only extend the material horizons on our degree.

However, in order to ascend to the next level, it is necessary to change our internal work program, our desires, intentions, and thoughts. This is impossible to do while staying in the same sense and reason. We need to receive strength from above and constantly improve ourselves with its help.

We can’t receive additional spiritual development with the tools we currently have. It is possible to receive material development though because it happens at the same level. There are smart and stupid people, strong and weak, successful and losers, but all of this doesn’t relate to qualitative development.

Qualitative development is the transition to the next level, like the difference between inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels, or between a fish, a beetle, a dog, and a man. It means this is a qualitative development in the perception of reality, or to be more precise, in the approximation to the upper force that controls everything.

Such a development assumes the renunciation of one’s current degree in order to be included each time more and more in the upper degree. Therefore, we can’t perform the qualitative ascent by ourselves. We can’t understand the upper degree before we rise to it because it is above us. We don’t feel it.

A stone can’t feel how a plant lives. There is a connection between the degrees, but not in the sense and reason. Precisely by annulling my sense and reason, I can receive some kind of foretaste of the next degree.

The way a stone can’t feel a plant and a plant can’t feel an animal, so too a person can’t feel the upper force. Only if we work in order to get closer to it do we cause its reaction and eventually will be in contact with it.

For the first time in history human begins to climb the ladder of nature, from our world to the upper world. The difference here is not the same as between a stone and a plant, but much more qualitative.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/17, Lesson on the Topic, “Mismah Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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