Coronavirus—A Consequence Of The Imbalance Of Nature

laitman_761.3In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, the Israeli Ministry of Health has issued 11 rules of conduct, which calls on each of us to comply with the “mutual guarantee” law. Since this is a global catastrophe affecting everyone, we must be considerate of each other, which is called a guarantee.

Our mutual guarantee now is not to come close to each other and by doing so taking care of our neighbor. If we really care about each other, and realize that through our behavior we contribute to the common good, we will very quickly stop the epidemic.

The attention-grabbing coronavirus actually seems like a child’s toy, compared to future disasters. For example, a gradual shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles threatens to lead to a sharp change, as a result of which the ice age will return.

Why are we so worried about some kind of virus that is simply nothing compared to the further development of events? But the fact is that the coronavirus hits everyone personally. And if ice is approaching or the ocean rises several meters, I will not feel this effect on myself personally by checking my temperature or pulse.

It all depends on a person’s sensations. If swarms of locusts fly in and devour the entire crop from the fields, then we will come to the store and not see any products in it except that same locust: sugared locusts, salted locusts, etc. Only then we will get worried.

In the meantime, the focus is on coronavirus. It demonstrates to mankind our weakness and connection with each other, which is now manifesting in a negative form, since the disease is transmitted through it from one to another. But it also shows that if we want to act together, thoughtfully and consciously, we can protect ourselves from the virus.

The epidemic also cleanses us of all rubbish: we have stopped flying back and forth, doing unnecessary things. If the epidemic drags on for another year, then our lives will calm down, and we will only carry out necessary actions.

No one will run around shopping, buying clothes. Everyone will live in peace if only to be healthy. The virus locks us and we become good children. It turns out that this is not a virus but help from above.
The epidemic will affect politics and muffle all passions because why should we fight if we are all brothers in misfortune. Over whom should they strive to rule— over people who live on the verge of the most necessary?

And then new blows will come: clouds of locusts, mosquitoes, mice. We will not be able to fight them because of their huge number. And so our life will gradually take on a different look: from this we will learn how to live differently. Indeed, today human society is more like a financial bubble: every second company is an investment fund.

According to the laws of nature, no creature at the inanimate, plant, or animal level consumes more than is necessary for existence. We see predators, a leopard or a wolf devour prey, but they do this in order to survive, and do not take too much.

And a person also has to live, consuming only the essentials, and give the rest to the benefit of society, and precisely what is really good for him, and not confuse society with all sorts of stupid things.

Human society is obliged to come to such a form of material life, which corresponds to the animal level. The animal body must live like all animals, that is, consume only for the sake of survival. And you don’t need to take anything from nature anymore, everything else should be directed only to spiritual actions, to the work of the Creator.

We produce products, 90% of which no one needs. Everything is organized in chains, where each produces its part and transfers to the other, and the very last in the chain throws everything away so that the whole process can be started anew.

The whole modern world is built in this form, otherwise we will not be able to earn. We earn only by squeezing all the natural resources from the earth. You cannot live on like this, we are destroying the environment.

The egoism that guides us every moment has led us to such a life that is already impossible to tolerate. We ourselves dig our own graves. The angel of death holds a drop of poison on the edge of the sword, and you obediently swallow it and die.

What is the way out? To study what Kabbalah speaks of, to correct our thoughts, and with these thoughts we will correct the world. When there will be many people with the correct thoughts, then it will be possible to translate them into material actions. But our thoughts themselves already work!

To give to society is first of all to study what genuine bestowal means and in what form the society must exist in order to comply with the law of nature. Everything clears up in thought.

Man himself, through his efforts and self-restraint, must reach the state in which the animals live, that is, not to consume more than vitally necessary for life. And we must direct the rest of our energy and mind to the unification among ourselves.

The coronavirus epidemic and all other problems are the consequence of imbalance in our lives. If we lived in the material plane as animals, not consuming more than necessary for our animalistic body, and all our spiritual efforts were directed toward understanding the Creator, then life would be beautiful.

But we bring in a distortion, striving in our egoism to rule over the whole world, to empty the globe and squeeze out all natural resources from it. And therefore nature, getting out of balance, shows us all these problems: biological problems in the form of a coronavirus, or volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or tsunamis. All these cataclysms are caused by the imbalance that we create in nature.

We must limit ourselves to use nature only to the extent necessary, as the science of Kabbalah teaches. And all the other powerful forces, time, huge mind, and desire that a person is endowed with, apply only to correct society, to make it a tool for revealing the Creator.

These days human society is acting in the opposite direction from the revelation of the Creator, and by this we naturally cause all problems, and the coronavirus is only the beginning.

The era of the Messiah, in which we are already live, should bring us many new revelations. Let’s hope that thanks to our efforts, these revelations will be good, but so far, unfortunately, it is doubtful…

Let’s try to quickly learn and convey to all of humanity the cause of all viruses caused by the mismatch of human society with the general law of nature, which consists of equilibrium. This is simple physics, not faith, but the law of nature.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/20, “The Peace”

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