All Problems In The World Are Sent To Oblige Us To Bring It To Balance

laitman_962.3Spirituality is attained only through connection. We are in the spiritual world, but we do not feel it; we feel only ourselves. Therefore, we need to make a leap in our perception, transferring it from the personal, in which everyone feels themselves in this world, to feeling existence within the upper force of bestowal and love, uniting all of us together in one vessel, one desire.

All souls come from the soul of Adam HaRishon because after the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, this soul was divided into 600,000 souls. And the one light that filled this vessel, one big desire, was divided into many parts, bodies, and private desires. Therefore, we see this world divided into billions of people with conflicting and fragmented desires. And if we want to reveal the spiritual world, the world of truth, we must unite.

That is why the first lesson of the 2020 World Kabbalah Convention is called “We Have Gathered Here”; there really is nothing else to do. If we gather and unite in one soul, as it was before the shattering of Adam HaRishon, before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, we will return to the upper world, in a spiritual state, again becoming Adam HaRishon.

Therefore, a person has nothing to do in this world besides looking for ways to connect with others. And of course, this is against our nature, there is nothing more repulsive and opposite to it; therefore, we do not want to hear about it. But the Creator, the upper light, with infinite patience, acts on us again and again to teach us that nothing will change for the better until we decide to unite in a positive way.

Humanity is learning. People still do not understand what is happening to us, but the impressions of the global crisis and growing problems penetrate our senses, our memory, and whether we like it or not, they make us grow wiser and gain experience. Someday we will grow so wise that we will agree that there is no way out but to connect.

If we study the wisdom of Kabbalah, then what to do becomes clear to us. After all, we reveal not only the disease and its cause emanating from human egoism, but also a medicine that lets us hide from egoism. If I suffer a lot because of it, then I need to free myself from it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us in this, we just need to organize a small group of like-minded people and attract the light that reforms. Kabbalah teaches us how our desires can connect with each other and work together, performing actions called “contraction,” “screen,” “reflected light,” “striking,” and “receiving for the sake of bestowal.” By studying what happens in our desires, we gradually correct ourselves. And when we learn and talk about it, the light that shines on us changes us gradually .

As the saying goes, “penny by penny accumulates to a large sum.” We have a system that can include us within itself, connect us with each other, and attract the light that reforms that will affect us. Even if we do not really want it now, in the end we will demand that the forces of bestowal, altruistic relations atop our egoism, be revealed between us.1

All souls come from the one soul of Adam created by the Creator. But after Adam sinned with the Tree of Knowledge, that is, the shattering of this one desire, which ceased to be like the Creator, it lost the altruistic intention and became selfish; it was divided into 600,000 individual souls. One light filled Adam HaRishon in the “Garden of Eden,” that is, in a state where he was united into one soul and retained the force of bestowal, Bina, within himself, disappeared after the shattering, and in every particle only its tiny spark remained.

Now that we find ourselves in bodies added to the fragments of the soul, we feel a desire to bring all spiritual sparks together. Therefore, we gather and work on our connection, thereby returning the upper light that will shine within us. But by returning, the light becomes 620 times stronger than before because we are acting against the distance that has arisen between us, and therefore we reach the integration with upper force, the Creator.2

One common desire was on the degree of Bina, which is called the soul, and when it shattered, it fell down to the degree of Malchut. We need to collect all the particles that fell into Malchut and elevate them to Bina, to the Garden of Eden. Malchut is called “this world,” and Bina is called “the future world.” Therefore, through our connection, we must elevate ourselves from this world, in which we now feel ourselves, to the “future world,” to the degree of Bina, where we feel our existence as eternal, perfect, without hardships and problems, all together, imbued with the power of bestowal and love for each other.3

The upper light strengthens its glow all the time, and when we feel this illumination from the spiritual power of bestowal and love, we feel more and more opposite to it. It turns out that every day we feel increasingly worse, the world becomes increasingly corrupt. There is nothing left but to correct ourselves and become similar to the force of bestowal that shines on us from above.

And therefore, we see this world in crisis, helpless, and not understanding what is happening. Perhaps all the volcanoes on earth will wake up tomorrow and begin to spew billions of tons of ash into the atmosphere so that we no longer see the sun. The world would freeze and plunge into darkness. But we ourselves activate these forces because we live in an integrated system and we must know how to bring the forces of nature into equilibrium. If we become kind to each other, then nature will become kind to us.

There is no other way to act on inanimate matter, plants and animals, on these forces in nature, if not through humans. Moreover, the person is a thought, an intention. The physical body is just an animal, but through our relationships with each other, we can elevate ourselves one step higher: from the animal level to the human. “Human – Adam” means “like the Creator [Adameh le Elyon].”

Therefore, we must understand that all the misfortunes and problems in the world are sent specifically to oblige us to move and begin to put the world in order, to establish equilibrium in it. To do so, we just need to approach each other and work on our egoism. Then from the human level, from the highest level of nature, we will oblige all other forces of nature, which are below us at the animate, vegetative and still levels, to enter into balance, and the whole world will find peace and happiness.4

The state of our Bnei Baruch world group is exceptional because out of all the billions of individual souls, we were chosen to be in the system of Israel, that is, directed “directly to the Creator,” which pulls humanity toward correction.5
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2020, “Connecting To The Root of Life,” 2/25/20, “We Have Gathered Here,” Lesson 1
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