Open The Entrance To Spirituality For The Whole World

laitman_962.7In preparation for the congress, we sit in random tens at the lessons rather than in our regular tens where some of the people I know well and others I do not. But that doesn’t matter. Over these several days, we must come to realize that it does not matter who I am sitting with because we have to create a mutual guarantee. So now, sitting in a random ten, I must try to realize the mutual guarantee here and afterward do so in a different ten.

I must realize the mutual guarantee with respect to all of reality because the whole world is my spiritual vessel, a Kli. Each time a different part of that vessel becomes revealed to me in one way or another. When the ten Sefirot, the ten friends, are revealed to us, it always happens in the same ten and it only seems to me to be different, as if I am seeing different faces, names, states. But in fact, it is the same ten.

It seems to me that I see different people, but in fact, it is not so—this is only my perception. In reality, this is the same ten: “Always ten, not nine and not eleven.”

External details are unimportant to me because we have to come to the revelation of the spiritual Kli. We must be together only in spirituality, and we engage in corporeality only when necessary. Thus, it makes no difference to me where I sit because it is the same ten, it cannot be bigger or smaller throughout creation. Even if I found myself sitting with 8 billion people, it would still be one ten, only divided in order to allow me the opportunity to study the minute details of a single Kli. In essence, this is the same ten Sefirot.1

Do we reveal or do we build the connection between us? We build our connection, and only then come to realize that it already exists. We do not know what to build or how, so we try every possible way. And as a result of our efforts to do something, this network establishes itself. But it does not get materialized until we exert the full measure of efforts at every level.

This system already exists, it is perfect. Nothing was broken, has disappeared, or was lost. The breakage only exists in our perception: we have to exert efforts and reveal it. After all, our awareness, understanding, and development depends on it. We create in ourselves the ability to perceive, with our mind and feelings, the kind of connections that should be between us, the responsibilities, participation, and reciprocity.

Each person becomes a part of another and we begin acting together like cells of a single organism. We have to attain the actions of this body in all of its connections. We thus elevate ourselves to the level of the Creator. Through attaining how this mechanism operates, we elevate ourselves to attain the purpose of creation, we realize why the Creator has made everything in this form, and why He has created specifically these connections. This is a path to reveal the Creator, to attain the creative mind.2

Everything is a part of a single system, but the souls that are closest to me, with whom I must achieve the mutual guarantee, are the ten that I am with corporeally since I remain in this world with my mind and feelings. Thus, I accept the ten that I am currently in as an exercise I have been given to build the Arvut between us.

I can change tens every minute—it makes no difference. The main thing is that I annul my egoism and let the ten before me in, let them replace my heart. This is called mutual guarantee.

The nine people before me are the nine upper Sefirot and I am the Malchut. Therefore, I make a restriction on myself and serve them, attach myself to them, am willing to do anything for them. This means that I am building a spiritual Partzuf. The mutual guarantee is a condition for creating a spiritual Partzuf through which one can bestow to the Creator and receive back from Him.3

This is very real; it is right in front of us. This congress can become the revelation of the Creator to His creatures. But, obviously, our work is much harder than if we were studying Kabbalah in a small group of about ten people. That would be easy. But we are a Kabbalistic group of the new world that is opening the entrance to spirituality for the whole of humanity.

We are pulling the entire world upward and this, naturally, is a lot harder. But this is what is called the generation of the Messiah, the Last Generation.

There are various methods that let us effortlessly experience something spiritual. But that is not what the Creator requires of us. He expects us to do such work so that we pull the whole world upward with us.4

What can I do if I want to feel the desires of my friends, but feel nothing of the kind, absolutely nothing? Annul yourself. I want to sew their desires together, connect their hearts. If I take my friends’ hearts and sew them together, stitch by stitch, as if with a needle and a thread, I create an area where the Creator will be revealed. This is my Creator, my area, because I connected their hearts.

If I can envision these hearts and connect them in this way, I would have already built my soul.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/20, Arvut [Mutual Responsibility]” (Preparation for the Convention in The World Kabbalah Convention 2020)
1 Minute 49:50
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