The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “Who Can Endure Jealousy?”

Laitman_154Proverbs, 27:4: “Cruelty of wrath, and destruction of anger, but who can stand up before jealousy?”

Wrath is a natural phenomenon, so is anger. But jealousy means comparing yourself with someone or somebody comparing me with someone else. This is horrible! In other words, it is the deepest defeat of egoism.

When somebody tells me that I am wrong, well, I am wrong, in relation to something abstract.

However, when somebody places me next to someone and says that I am nothing compared to him or her, then that’s is. If a person cannot get around it, forget it, drop it, and so on, then there is only one thing left to do: fight against it.

One either destroys the one who said that or destroys the one he is compared with. It is even better to destroy both of them.

Question: This is the most terrible state. What should we do when someone has such a feeling?

Answer: There is nothing we can do. It is necessary to rise to the degree where these laws of nature originate. There, we will see their cause and their correct implementation.

Question: What is the reason for jealousy?

Answer: It is my egoism. That is, I am the victim. I was hurt, my ego. And without it, I cannot live. I have to do something here: either kill myself or kill him or her—one or the other. I cannot continue living like this.

Question: Can I be above this?

Answer: No. Well, I can, but this requires special education, training, psychological help and so on. Otherwise, if I remain in this, wait for murder.

Question: How do Kabbalists solve the issue of jealousy?

Answer: Kabbalists solve this issue very well. They believe that it is necessary to reveal the thought of the Creator: why you have received such a sign from Him and how you should rise above yourself through it. It turns out that you will thank the Creator for giving you such terrible feelings. In fact, they are only there in order to elevate you.

Question: You just said such a contradictory phrase: “The signs are terrible, and I am grateful for them.” Am I grateful for the terrible signs?

Answer: Of course. After all, they elevate me. This is why it is called “above our nature.” However, we need to go through this under supervision, in the group, and so on.

Question: Does a Kabbalist understand where this comes from and why? Then, is everything is  sweetened?

Answer: Yes. I recommend you to find a teacher who will help you overcome all the negative feelings. It is, in fact, possible.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 12/5/19

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