The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “Hatred And Love”

laitman_608.01Proverbs, 10:12: “Hatred arouses quarrels, but love covers all transgressions.”

“Hatred arouses quarrels”—this part seems clear to us.

Love covers all transgressions“—this is also correct because there can be no love without transgression. It is necessary to reveal the evil in order to understand the need for good, to reveal hatred in order to understand the need for love.

Question: Can it be that one simply loves?

Answer: No. It is only possible for a mother toward her baby. Those people who have no animalistic reasons for this, like animals, can have no inclination for it.

Question: Does it mean they cannot love?

Answer: Love is when I am ready to do everything for the other. From myself to the other.

Question: Is it possible that I am ready to do everything for a person?

Answer: No. Our nature is not arranged this way. We cannot do that.

Question: Are we sinful by nature?

Answer: It is not called “a sin.” It is our nature; it is neither bad nor good.

Question: In any case, is our nature to treat others as a stranger?

Answer: “Bolivar cannot carry double.” It is shown well there. I am sorry, of course, but it will not work. It is either you or me. So, of course, it is me.

Question: And where is “love covers all transgressions”? How can we then explain this? What kind of secret is here?

Answer: If we correctly treat all the sins, hatred, and everything else that we reveal between us, we attract the force of connection until we reach love that covers our hatred. The hatred remains inside. And through it, we reach the level of love.

Question: How do we attract it? Do we begin to hate our hatred for the other?

Answer: Yes. But this comes from above. Otherwise, this is only about a mother with her children. And also, up to a certain limit. Nature has shown us such things. During famine and so on. When all of a sudden, the maternal instinct disappears.

Comment: This is really terrible.

My Reply: This is not terrible. It is nature. There is nothing terrible in nature; it is simply what it is.

Question: In this simple truth, does King Solomon say that man hates and all his work is to invoke love in order to rise above hatred?

Answer: Yes
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 12/5/19

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