The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “The Wise Wife And The Simple Wife”


Proverbs 14:1: The wisest of women-each one built her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her hands.

A man’s desire is called his wife. A wise desire is aimed toward unity. Therefore, uniting with others creates a combination of forces that can lead to the Creator becoming revealed. Particularly through connecting the positive and negative qualities.

Question: And the foolish wife?

Answer: A foolish wife cannot connect anything. She cannot understand how to unite above her hatred, egoism, and individuality, and therefore everything is destroyed.

Question: Is the foolish wife my desire for my own benefit? Living for self alone? Is that foolish?

Answer: Yes. As we see with the European Union, they had no time to get together and they already broke up. The Soviet Union collapsed. Everything falls apart rapidly. America is next in line, followed by China.

Question: Do you call this a foolish wife?

Answer: This is egoism that we are unable to properly direct toward life, rebirth, and prosperity. It only destroys. America will be dismantled into its states. China will be split into provinces. It will all happen very distinctly.

In the end, if the world doesn’t work on its unity, it will start falling into smaller settlements, as in the past. We will be left with villages, provinces, and principalities all over again.

Comment: But it was like this in the past.

My Response: It doesn’t matter. We tried to unite through our egoism and only now do we begin to realize that egoism cannot unite us. We can see it very clearly in Europe.

In the end, what has to be done? If we use egoism correctly we will be able to unite the whole world. If not, we will only create greater distance between ourselves, like in Sodom and Gomorrah, meaning, not helping each other out: “What’s mine is mine.”

Question: So, is the wise wife the one that works with egoism correctly? By rising above it, annulling herself? While a foolish wife grabs everything for herself?

Answer: Yes. The next generation will have even more women in control all over the world because women care more about reciprocity, various interconnections. But this will not last very long. Soon, the ugly side of it will come out.

Question: So, will women be in control of the next generation?

Answer: Women will be more in control of the world than men, and it will seem to be beneficial to the world.

Men are in decline. They are ready to pass everything to a woman and treat her like a mother. Only afterward will we realize that it is much worse than the governance of men.

I am telling you what will happen. Because a woman will fight for her abode, for what is hers. And in this regard women will be much more vicious than men. When a woman fights for her territory, she doesn’t take anything into consideration. It is the most important thing for her.

It is not the case for a man. He’s content to go to a bar or do something else.

Comment: … to watch sports.

My Response: Yes, but not for a woman.

So, for as long as they are working toward it—it seems to be good for us. But soon the turning point will come, as it usually happens with our egoism, when it begins to work against itself. Then women will start to destroy each other. Meaning, they will use anything at their disposal in order to destroy the competition in a very uncivilized, primitive, and personal way.

Question: Are you referring to our corporeal world?

Answer: Yes, our material world. This is what is yet to come.

Question: Does it have any upper spiritual roots?

Answer: Certainly. A foolish wife sees herself as a master of all. She is ready to go to war with whomever rises against her. Meaning, she can be a major destructive force.

A wise wife, on the other hand, understands that everything has to be solved together. Therefore, instead of a single home we should be building a community for everyone.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/5/19

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