How Do We Allow The Creator To Show His Love?

Laitman_200.01How is the Creator revealed in my prayer for a friend? If I care only that the Creator reveals Himself to a friend for His benefit and ask for it, then I will feel the actions of the Creator within my request. After all, it was through my actions that I triggered an answer, and if they were truly aimed at attracting the Creator to help the group, then I will reveal this help.

I should not ask the friend about this; I will see and find out everything by myself. I appeal to the Creator and ask that I do something good for my friends or for the world. And if this is a true and correct request, then I will see in it how I activate the Creator and how He acts. This means that I raise the reflected light and ask the Creator to dress in that light. It turns out that the direct light of the Creator is dressed in my reflected light and turns into inner light entering the soul, flowing and correcting desires, and then filling them. And I participate in all this because this is an action initiated by me.

The Creator is the force of bestowal, and He wants one thing: that we take this force and use it. If I can use this force and use it for a friend, then I give the Creator pleasure. Otherwise, I cannot bring Him contentment because He Himself does not need anything. But connecting Him with those who need Him, I bring Him pleasure.

He cannot help them directly because they have no such deficiency. But if I connect them with the Creator through my request, then I give pleasure to them and to Him. It is enough that I have short-circuited the Creator to the created beings. The Creator has no reflected light and He cannot wrap His force into a special clothing. But if I give Him my clothing, then the Creator can work and enjoy.

Otherwise, the Creator is like a woman who needs to give birth but cannot. It is like birth pains: wanting to help, but it is impossible because there is no one to help the Creator give birth. We restrain the Creator and do not allow Him to show all His love and correct the world.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/23/20, Questions and Answers
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