A Prayer For Others Helps Everyone

laitman_259.01My heart breaks when I see that I am incapable of achieving a single spiritual action of bestowal with my own strength. I understand that I do not have any connection with spirituality and I am not ready to unite with the friends. In other words, I feel myself as a simple animal or even lower than that.

And from this state I need to awaken. If prior to this we made a covenant of mutual guarantee to act together within the group, it will help me. Then I feel that I am not alone and that it is not about people, but about the mutual connection of desires, intentions, thoughts, and efforts; then based on all of this, I can act.

We lack the sense of a common Kli. It is not I suddenly fell apart independently of the others, but our connection exists. It is not affecting me because right now I am in a descent and disconnected from it, but it still affects the others, and they save me.

Due to this act of each one being saved from a descent in this way, he turns into a main Sefira, Malchut, adding his desire to the upper nine Sefirot. In this way, a Kli that is able to address the Creator appears.

What does it mean that the friends throw him a rope and pull him out of the river? They turn to the Creator with a plea for him because he is incapable of doing it himself. Each prays for the other, and in this way, all are saved.

If, however, from your broken heart you turn to the Creator with a plea for yourself, then He does not hear you.1
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/18, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 3, Article 877 “Three Prayers“
1 (Minute 23:45)

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