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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/31/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The sages weren’t being poetic in their writings and they weren’t practicing wishful thinking. They were describing a deeper system of laws that operate human society through the dynamic between #Israel and the nations of the world. #IsraelUnderFire

The Maor VaShemesh puts it in a simple formula: “When there is love, friendship and unity in #Israel, no calamity can happen to them, and all curses and torments are pushed away.”

My latest on @BINAlerts
Rav Kook tells us the following: “If we can’t blow the horn for #redemption, the enemies of Israel such as Amalek, Hitler and so forth, rise up and blow in our ears for redemption.” #Bibleprophecy
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Intention is connection with the end of an action.
Intention is the future in the present.
Live in it!
#Motivation #Wisdom

We and our entire lives belong to the realm where the “rational” force operates.
The upper system, the Creator, is on the “irrational” degree since it operates not from its state, but from another one. It is hence called “faith above reason”.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

Why is it that by caring for me, I awaken darkness, and by caring for others I awaken the correcting light?
By caring for me, I don’t collect desires for the Kli of Adam.
For every desire revealed in me, if I find a solution in connection with others, it creates the corrected Kli

– What’s the surest spiritual progress?
– It’s when you lower yourself (but only before the friends) in all situations, especially when you’re right!
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

Construction starts by digging a pit and casting a foundation.
Likewise, we lay a foundation for the common corrected soul of Adam: we need to dig the earth, i.e. excavate inside our #egoism to lay the foundation for the “Last Generation”.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

We are now laying the foundation for building the common soul of Adam in its final, corrected form. This work is extremely important. Hence, we must do everything in our power, and the Creator will complete it for us.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

I want all of my work’s results to be only in the Creator, while I only receive energy to work, as if I’m a car being filled up with fuel. The Creator enjoys it when we prepare a vessel in which He can be revealed. And there’s no better reward for me!
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

On the spiritual degree, a person receives an illumination separating him from egoism. He starts seeing his will to enjoy only as a tool to perform acts of bestowal. He doesn’t make a calculation for himself – what he has or doesn’t have.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

When a person works correctly, he’s always full of joy from being connected to the Creator in every state. In ascents & descents, he is governed by the Creator, and by realizing this he already gives pleasure to the Creator, and this makes him happy!
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

We’d be wrong to assume the problem is solved. As always, we live in a temporary #truce, feeling calm only before the next storm comes rolling in. So this time around, how about taking advantage of the temporary peace of mind to awaken ourselves and ask some serious questions?

What Does #Hamas Really Want From #Israel?
Before we who live in Israel have even acknowledged the recent threat, we already find ourselves heaving a sigh of relief, as the #ceasefire with Hamas seems to take hold.

We need to lay this all out on the table and understand how to work with it.
Interestingly, I said it all in a tweet just about a month ago—a tweet liked by @therealroseanne #RoseanneBarr #RoseanneCancelled

From a global perspective, society is only beginning to scratch the surface of our true nature, and there is nothing to be ashamed of because we were all designed the same way. #Roseanne #Starbucks #CEO #HR

Inside my ego—the natural will to enjoy, the will to bestow is conceived from the light. It’s called faith above reason. I want to act “for the Creator’s sake,” elevating the Creator against my ego, with the light I receive. I am ruled by the Creator’s greatness.

The light influences the spark, making it grow until I start to feel it moving. I did not notice it moving before, but now I feel how the light agitates the spark. This means the quality of bestowal is awakening in me, faith above reason.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah
From Twitter, 5/31/18

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New Life 984 – Bitterness And Sweetness In Life

New Life 984 – Bitterness And Sweetness In Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

All of creation is a desire to enjoy. What causes pleasure is defined as sweet and what causes pain is experienced as bitter. People feel pleasure when they attain food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. Kabbalists, however, know that true pleasure lies in giving to others and they direct their desire to enjoy in this way. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to get out of the old perception of sweetness and move onto a new one so that we can see the upper world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 984 – Bitterness And Sweetness In Life,” 3/25/18

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Newsmax: “Ireland’s Abortion Referendum: A Global Perspective“

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Ireland’s Abortion Referendum: A Global Perspective

This week’s dramatic referendum in Ireland showed that the majority of Irish people want to do away with an age-old law by which women who have abortions, and doctors who help them do so, could face up to 14 years in prison.

But as abortions become legal in Ireland, something far more revolutionary than a change of laws is being born.

The transformation taking place in the conservative Irish society reflects the global thrust of liberalization, shattering one social convention after another across modern human society. Day by day, man frees himself from various social frameworks that used to control his thoughts and dictate his behavior.

More Freedom Demands More Maturity

Let’s take a glimpse at history. From monarchies through various dictatorships, to the democracies of our time which continue to change shape in modern times, a natural course of human development becomes evident. The individual is gradually taking over the reins for his/her family and possessions, body and behavior, and all of the components that make up his/her identity.

But here is what we can easily miss: Freedom must be accompanied by maturity of the human being, if we are to maintain balance in society.

As we relieve ourselves from the chains of the past and march into the future’s freedom, we have to cultivate human awareness to a whole new level. With every limitation that’s being lifted, one should ask himself: How am I connected to other people around me? What is my natural obligation towards them? How do my actions influence everyone else?

We are entering an era where answers to these questions will no longer come from clergymen, government officials, laws and regulations, or any institution that aims to dictate people’s way of thinking. Instead, it will come from the inner development of the human being, or if you will, our “spiritual” development.

Yet, hoping for positive human development to happen by itself is not what I am suggesting. Rather, I am certain that we need to begin educating ourselves as a society by illuminating existential questions, learning about human nature, and preparing for the interdependent state the world is coming to.

In other words, I am advocating an expansion of human awareness in society as a whole. And as a result, the individuals in society will better understand how to conduct themselves towards balance.

Freedom Through Interdependence

How does that work? We should take our cues from how nature maintains a “dynamic equilibrium.” When looking at life within the human body, we see contrasts such as heat and cold, organs with various functions, different kinds of germs, active and passive forces, and yet they all work together in balance and reciprocity, complementing each other. It’s the principle of life that works without our involvement.

We humans, however, must develop and complement each other consciously and volitionally. Our development as human beings demands us to reach balance and reciprocity at all levels of life.

If we won’t develop the ability to do so, giving ourselves more and more freedom may manifest very negatively in the form of terrorism, crime, and other forms of abhorrent behavior. Without the maturity to maintain social balance, we could find ourselves plunging into social-familial-political chaos to the point where one only does what’s right in his own eyes and for his own sake.

I believe we will come to see that neither money nor power can drive us to seek social harmony; only education that aims to raise human awareness will help us sense our interdependence and appreciate our common humanity. And the more we develop the human being inside of us, the more we can free ourselves from limitations outside of us.

Settle Everything With The Creator

Laitman_036Question: Should a student be in full agreement with the group? Or is there a place for his inner struggle?

Answer: Even if a student disagrees with the group, he needs to understand that his disagreement must pass through the Creator.

Why should he fight the group? He must struggle with the Creator, the disturbances that come from Him!

Everything comes from the Creator! I have to settle all this with Him. Why does He give me such obstacles? For me to find contact with Him. I need to settle it with Him, not with the group!

The Creator awakens various negative qualities in a person, which he takes in the left line, and good qualities—in the right line. Therefore, he relates to the group realizing that both lines in him are the Creator in the opposite and in the direct form. And he should bring them to the group, lock them on it, to give the group their correct attitude.

We also do the same: There are two lines, and the third is formed when you already are in contact with the group and with the Creator inside it.

People must constantly control themselves in order not to forget that all their thoughts and feelings come from the Creator who gives them the original parameters, and demands from everyone that with these thoughts and feelings we correctly treat the ten. Then we will reveal the Creator in it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/30/17

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Are The People Of Israel Ready For Their Mission?

laitman_602_02Why Are We the Chosen People for It?

We must set a good example to the world because we are better qualified than all other nations. It is not because we are more idealistic than they are, but because we suffered from tyranny more than all other nations. For this reason, we are more prepared to seek counsel that will end tyranny from the land. (Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation)

Baal HaSulam speaks not so much of the physical suffering of the people of Israel, although Jews were oppressed for many thousands of years, he speaks of the suffering to reveal the Creator, of the inner change that man has to do to free himself from the rule of egoism.

This has prepared us for the fact that now we can be a group leading humanity to the goal of creation. We pulled ourselves to this level, although it was not easy, being God’s chosen people costs bloodshed to every generation.

Question: Do you think that the people of Israel are ready to fulfill their mission?

Answer: No. If once I thought that in 10 to 20 years I would be understood, I’m not sure whether they will agree with this in the future generation. Our hopes for correcting the world are, of course, good, but to accomplish this we need to agree with the Creator’s program blindly and go forward “like an ox to the burden and a donkey to the load.” We have no other choice.

However, the closer we get to the tipping point, the more acute the situation will become. Kabbalists will be a particularly persecuted group within the Jewish people, and Jews will be persecuted by all the peoples of the world. Then everything will be resolved.

It is written, “And the children of Israel cried out from their work in Egypt.” People will cry: “Why do they hate us?” And Kabbalists will cry out to the Creator to give enlightenment to the people of Israel, so they will understand why they are hated. That’s when the people of the world will understand why they hate Jews.

Question: In spite of this attitude, should we continue to spread Kabbalistic values?

Answer: We have no choice. The Creator appointed each of us to this work, and we are obliged to fulfill it. When we bring Light into this world, it becomes clear where truth is and where lies are.

Therefore, feeling themselves opposite to Kabbalists, Jews will begin to hate us more and more, and nations of the world, in turn, will hate Jews. This is the embodiment of total darkness that thickens before leaving Egypt. In the original sources this state is described as great suffering, stress, and threats. People will stop understanding each other, and the peoples of the world will rise against Israel.

Thus, suffering will increase if we do not move them to the next level in time.

Question: Does this mean that people have freedom of choice, which is to listen to Kabbalists?

Answer: Not yet. One has to have a certain spiritual background for this. And this can happen only through our dissemination.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 11/12/2017

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Did The Characters Of The Torah Exist?

laitman_527.04Question: Did the prophet Bilam, who was equal to Moses, ever exist physically or were they both historical representations of spiritual forces?

Answer: The Torah speaks only about person’s spiritual path, about his spiritual elevation. Bilam is a great negative force, the opposite side of Moses. In order to reach the degree called Moses, first we will have to be at the opposite degree called Bilam.

It is necessary for us, like Moses; one cannot exist without the other. Similarly, Pharaoh is the opposite side of the Creator, equal to him in strength, but negative, not positive.

Question: So did Rabbi Shimon, the author of The Book of Zohar, exist both physically as a historical figure, and as a spiritual degree, but Bilam and Moses were not historical characters?

Answer: All characters of the Torah existed physically, but each of them played his spiritual role. Therefore, each of them personified a quality opposite to the one opposite to him. For example, Bilam personified the quality opposite to Moses.

In principle, the spiritual root must always touch its earthy branch once, embodied in matter. However, Kabbalah deals exclusively with roots. What do we care about historical characters? We are interested in ascending the spiritual ladder and going through all the states called Bilam, Moses, and so on.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/14/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/31/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Work in Faith Above Reason”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 4, Chapter 6, Item 2

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 5/30/18

Listen to an Audio Version of the Blog
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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/30/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter
Today’s interconnected world made it clear to #Starbucks that they need to make a serious move if they wish to maintain good business, just as it made ABC move quickly to cancel #Roseanne’s hit TV show.

Read my full article on @Medium

Under the light’s influence, one feels another world, the reality of bestowal, the will to bestow, to be above the will to enjoy, to delight in the Creator, not to be guided by the pragmatic calculation, to follow the spark. This is called going by “faith above reason.”

When the light shines, one feels that he is ruled by the force of the Creator, which allows him to make actions opposed to rational, egoistic reason. He happily relies on the Creator, wishing to exalt Him with actions of bestowal. One reveals a new world.

Don’t judge someone until you’re in their shoes.
They say a person must always remain human, but fear and despair can transform him to the point that he does unthinkable acts.
Betrayal, lies, and treachery can be prevented only by changing man’s nature

I just published “Starbucks & Roseanne: America’s Moment of Reckoning Playing Out on Twitter”

Our task is to reveal the force of faith above reason, bestowal instead of reception. To live by it, immersed in its field, to relate to reality and friends only with it. Then we’ll create connections between us built upon bestowal above reception—this is the soul’s formation!

When the force of bestowal is revealed in a person, he feels pleasure from actions opposed to his natural egoism. He takes care not to lose the force of bestowal. But he must strengthen knowledge, the ego, in order to rise above it, in actions above knowledge, in faith.

There should be competition. But the goal decides everything. If the aim isn’t to crush your opponent, but to attain the goal, a 3rd factor, then my attitude to the opponent isn’t “it’s me or him,” but to attain the goal and advance. Then he isn’t my opponent, but an aide/partner.

We’ve turned all our necessities into sources of pleasure, an entertainment business. But happiness is more elusive than ever. Affluence deprives us of freedom and pleasure. No desire—no pleasure. So we’re left with no choice but to search for life’s meaning—the Creator’s plan!

Always try to find pleasure in bestowal, thoughts of the Creator. And vice versa: although you receive and enjoy the reception, you must realize that it’s the beast in you that enjoys, while the soul is separated from the Creator to the extent you receive pleasure from reception.

Most importantly, when overcoming disturbances, don’t let spirituality in you grow weak, and definitely don’t let it escape you altogether! Strengthen your drive towards the Creator and exert your heart to this end.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

#Faith above knowledge is the sensation that bestowal is above reception, the Creator’s importance is above that of all reality. One starts to feel that he now has a new concern: to do something for the Creator’s benefit, but without the Creator’s knowledge of it, without any reward.

The Torah is a special program of existence, a force capable of connecting all parts of reality. All elements of creation connect by countless connections in one #harmony, to express the Maker Himself by the force of the desire that was created by the Creator.
#Israel #Kabbalah

Rising above #egoism, we’ll tune into the common memory and start to understand each other. This memory is nature or the Creator, encompassing eternal movement—the #Soul!
#Wisdom #Kabbalah

It’s written: the Creator gives the soul and man returns it to the Creator?
It means: the Creator awakens a desire (#suffering) in man. Man turns to the Creator with the respective plea. The Creator corrects the desire. Man returns this to the Creator. The Creator fills the desire.

All causes, effects, and actions are aimed at bringing the creatures to perfection by making them similar to the perfect system of nature. This is the plan of creation.
#success #Wisdom #Reality_ML

We weren’t punished by being created opposite to the system. On the contrary, the system wishes to turn us into creatures that will match it precisely: that will know, perceive, feel, and govern this entire system. There’s nothing extraneous in the world, lacking a cause and effect.

The group and I #charge each other like a battery. We inflate each other with air like a wheel, and create lack of air: ascents and descents. Our common Kli accumulates many #forces (+ and -), reaching the size/capacity when the Creator is revealed inside our proper #connection.

Communication and teamwork skills are paramount today. Israel is increasingly lagging behind in the rating of the most cited scientific works.
Jews are strong on the individual level, but they are repelled by group work, due to the unfounded hatred that arose 2,000 years ago.

Wishing to become like the light—to bestow to others—I turn into a spiritual Partzuf. I restrict my will to enjoy and connect to other desires, which become my 9 Sefirot. I bestow to them like Malchut. And every person in the ten does the same.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

There’s no greater pleasure than revealing the Creator. It fills the horizon. Everything is seen only upon this background, which illuminates all reality.
We must connect all reality to the Creator, see it only as a means to reveal His greatness.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The Creator receives pleasure when creation enjoys Him. Equivalence with the Creator means giving Him pleasure. I must check whether I feel the Creator’s greatness. If I am not overfilled with joy about living in the Creator’s world, it means I lack His greatness.

The Creator’s mind is bestowal, faith. Man’s mind is knowledge, reception.
Acquiring the Creator’s mind means acquiring bestowing, loving desires.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

We hence agree to any conditions—let the Torah give us the will to bestow instead of self-gratification so we’ll worry about others instead of ourselves.
The Torah gives us all this, but we must first arm ourselves in the group with the respective desire.
#Israel #Wisdom

Two conditions are necessary for the reception of #Torah:
– To clarify that the #ego gives neither the chance nor strength to escape its authority toward unity, revelation of the upper force, bestowal
– On the other hand, we desperately want to achieve all this.
#Jewish #Israel

We come to the reception of the #Torah when we genuinely need the desires to bestow, and desire nothing but this.
For this we’re ready to “wander the desert, cross the Red Sea, go through all the Egyptian plagues”—as long we acquire the desires to bestow.
#Jewish #Israel

There’s no way to reveal the Creator except by uniting broken desires, pinpointing the form of connection and adhesion with the Creator.

#Torah leads us to its Giver, which is paramount as it opens up a new world to man. One is rendered speechless upon revealing the magnitude and loftiness of the gift bestowed upon him.
When experiencing a problem, I understand that it comes from the Creator to incite me to rise to His degree. I therefore ask for the force of His greatness, to rise to the degree of faith-bestowal above the problem-knowledge.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah
From Twitter, 5/30/18

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