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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The mule-drawn carriage dragged me down the beat-up road…
Suddenly, the mule grew wings and took flight—
I knew the Creator’s greatness

The #Creator’s greatness depends on the environment. If the environment doesn’t value the Creator, He falls in my eyes. Hence, we must always uphold His importance among us—of the group, ten, study and teacher. In the end it all comes down to the Creator’s importance between us.

A sign of progress is seeing friends succeed more than you. They attain unity among them, speak from the heart, this is their life, while I look in from outside, unable to be among them, to rejoice and be sad with them. They’ve made a #breakthrough and feel outside their egos.

Connection with the Creator through humanity
Only in this order and to this degree
Such is His condition.

They laugh at Kabbalah
Thinking it’s a naive activity,
But they are here today, and tomorrow…

Unity isn’t an end in itself, but a means to reveal the upper force. In unity, we reveal the upper world and its filling by upper light. This revelation is called the meal of the Leviathan.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

At first #Abraham himself made idols, meaning he taught people to worship egoistic desires for money, honor, knowledge. All our activities in this world are called making idols, idol worship, since we work for our egoism, which will die together with us.

Secret in the world—intentions
Obvious in the #world—actions
What do I strive to see?

#MothersDay is a warm, important day! No image is closer to a person than the mother’s. Through “mom,” the upper force transmits to us the good force, fulfillment, love, birth, upbringing. Everything that the upper force can give a person is delivered through the mother’s image.

There’s only one force operating in the world
Part of it is revealed and part is concealed.
What we feel is called our world,
What we don’t feel is called the concealed, upper (above our sensations) world.
The problem is that we see only a part and hence we don’t even know our world.

On the day we remember the 6 million
We must make sure
That it won’t repeat.
But how can we guarantee a future
That’s already starting to materialize
As a new #Holocaust?
We must delve into Nature’s program
And change it. This is the Creator’s plan.
We must do this!

Who wishes to know
How to change the world?—
But I’m sitting with nothing to do…

“If it is impossible to blow the shofar of redemption, the enemies of #Israel, Amalek, Hitler, etc. will come and call us to #redemption, they warn us and give us no respite.”
– Rav Abraham HaCohen Kook

It’s impossible to make creation that:
-isn’t opposite to the Creator
-will become similar to Him, attain perfection and eternity, in any other way
-than how the Creator made us
-leading us by the path we’re going through.
We just have to understand and justify this!

I’ve found the source of #life
Among ruins of #wisdom
The Book of #Zohar

If you create love of others
Inside yourself,
You’ll create the Creator from yourself.

The light creates
Something opposite and something similar to It,
Learn to control it.

The friends will help set me free
From the shackles of fulfillment—
I’ll reach freedom yet.

I’ve disclosed the Creator
As the source of egoism
Thus defeating both.

Egoism’s touch multiplies it,
I’ll turn to the Creator,
Let Him manage it.

In exile we feel outside of the Creator’s greatness. This is deliberately done for us to feel the exile. Hence, exile ends with a sense of total helplessness and hopelessness. We’re supported in Egyptian exile only by the drop of unity we attained—the end of exile.

The Creator’s greatness is first revealed on #Passover (Pa-Sach -passage). We start feeling that He governs everything, realize that “There’s none else besides Him.” To the degree He is great, we have more strength for aimed development. Passover leads us out of a confused state.

The #Light will change the ego
If we beg it to,
I await inspiration.

Created an #egoist,
I despise everyone
Unable to swim in the ocean of #love.

#Passover is a process of spiritual growth, completely unrelated to history.
It’s realization of the Creator’s greatness as He turns egoism into a human. The degrees of revealing His greatness are molded from the clay of egoism —#Adam, meaning similar to the Creator in Hebrew.

It’s not pretty, but without it, like without proper diagnosis, we can’t be cured. The #lies being revealed are close to the truth. This is the truth.

Today lies are visible to the naked eye. Seeing crowds of “naked emperors,” the world is realizing #evil. The lies are coming apart at the seams and truth is surfacing.

The Creator is close to broken hearts,
Revealing Himself to those who’ve despaired of delighting,
Since a heart broken for the Creator is whole as can be!
(Rabash, “Work for the Creator in #Joy”)

The more #egoism I have inside
When I manage it
I’m closer to the Creator.

How much #wisdom does one need
To attain naiveté
Above it

We see our own reflection in everyone and everything since we perceive everything in ego’s mirror. This is our perception: we can’t see something that’s not in us. In front of me there’s white light—the perfect quality of bestowal/love. On this background I “draw” my qualities.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
We can unite, become a 10, only in the Creator.
Hence, we must speak only about the Creator’s greatness and nothing else.
The end of the action, Unity with the Creator, must already be present in the initial thought and in every action.

I must determine that suffering is from perceiving this world, and pleasure from perceiving the Creator. Though this is still the ego (Lo Lishma).

Spiritual work and all our spiritual progress depend only on the sensation of the Creator’s greatness. Everything comes to us only from “There’s none else besides Him” and only for us to “come full circle” in Him, constantly raising only His importance in us.

I exist within the sphere of this world. Outside it is the upper sphere of the Creator. By concealing the Creator, the world pressures me, forcing me to aspire to reveal the Creator.
To make the Creator’s revelation of paramount importance in #life.

To reveal the upper force (Creator) one must transfer importance from the perceived world to the upper force hiding behind all that exists and transpires. This is possible only with the support of the environment (group, ten).
The group sets aim at the revelation thereof.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

Our world, all that we perceive, conceals the upper force. One must exert efforts to begin to sense it through all that happens here. This is why the world is called “Olam” (from “Alama” – concealment). Kabbalah is the method of revealing the upper force.

Kabbalah is the practice of unification.

Kabbalah explains:
The only reason Jews are hated in the world is that they have a means to make the world perfect:
If they start uniting, they’ll bring the Creator closer to our world and every evil will be gone from the world!

If we don’t reveal problems for correction, the Creator reveals day-to-day problems, pushing us to advance.
Therefore, even when in spiritual ascent, ask for even greater closeness with the Creator, look for an opportunity for correction, request ascent and greater closeness.
From Twitter 5/13/18

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Annual Kabbalah Convention In New Jersey 2018

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/10/18

Just a few days ago we concluded our annual Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey. It was a very powerful and unifying event, where we all began to feel as one. But do not forget: with efforts to remain connected, every day can feel like a convention!

What Does One’s Lifespan Depend On?

laitman_600.04Question: What determines the life expectancy of different people?

Answer: Does it really matter? Is it really a gift to live long?

It’s worth living, while you can solve the serious problems for which life is given. And as soon as this possibility runs out and you exist only to serve your animal body, then it is no longer worth living. But we do not dispose of it; therefore, it is forbidden to reduce life expectancy in any possible way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

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The Higher The Ascent, The Less Discomfort

laitman_233Question: Is the birth of the soul accompanied by physical discomfort?

Answer: Physically, a person goes through many states. But, the further you advance, there is less discomfort because you begin to understand it, get used to it, and even guess, based on your experience, what actions will be done to you.

Therefore, you calmly go ahead, knowing that there will be a descent again. The light “goes off,” you fall through all the steps of the ascent, like in an elevator flying down, and then gradually come to your senses.

First, you do not understand where you are and what you are, as all connections break off, and the feeling of the upper world disappears. You remain only in the perception of this world, not really understanding what is happening here, what kind of people are surrounding you, and what they are doing here.

Then, you begin climbing up again through an even bigger connection with the group, but the extreme states are amazing.

In fact, there is nothing scary about it. On the contrary, you feel the tremendous power of life, the world, nature, the Creator, and you, yourself, are in it as an accomplice.

You simultaneously look with regret at how people are living in this world because they have a great opportunity to fill themselves with the whole creation from beginning to end, and they are busy with something petty, insignificant, and languish in this way. We must do everything to help them. By helping them, you help yourself, and vice versa.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/14/18

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New Life #37 – Achieving Wholeness In Our Couple Relationships

New Life #37 – Achieving Wholeness In Our Couple Relationships
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


How does mutual fulfillment between spouses achieve perfection?

First we talk about free choice, a person’s influence on the environment and environment’s influence on the person, and the ego that constantly drives humanity, including the couple. Then, the couple should explore how they can become as one through mutual acceptance. Together, we can achieve wholeness, pleasure, and a new dimension of existence where we will never lack anything.
From KabTV’s “New Life #37 – Achieving Wholeness In Our Couple Relationships,” 7/17/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/13/18

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