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Continuing the ascent means attaining greater greatness of the Creator above our benefit, giving Him pleasure without waiting for the next congress.

The 2018 USA Congress was a success, the Creator’s greatness was revealed above personal benefit, from me to the group and from the group to the Creator.

Don’t relax until you permanently feel love and awe as you stand before the Creator—until this state becomes natural. Don’t let anything in this world—not pleasures nor fears, extinguish this sensation. And constantly take care not to fall from this sensation.

If we don’t reveal problems for correction, the Creator reveals day-to-day problems, pushing us to advance.
Therefore, even when in spiritual ascent, ask for even greater closeness with the Creator, look for an opportunity for correction, request ascent and greater closeness.”

Since spiritual work lies in attaining the intention of bestowal by overcoming our natural will to receive, it is attained by reducing the duration of descents in between the ascents.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
On the spiritual path, what counts is not the habitual work and regular efforts, but efforts about the habitual. Precisely they come together to produce new understanding and revelation of the upper light, the Creator inside them.

In spiritual states, nothing disappears, but it’s replaced for us to correct new obstacles
Don’t wait for a descent, but look for what you can add to the Creator’s greatness, and rise.
Precisely while in ascent, develop fear of separation, look for a new ascent and ask the Creator!
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