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HaVaYaH—The System Of All Parts Of The Universe

laitman_548.03Question: What does the Kabbalistic principle “I did not change my HaVaYaH” mean?

Answer: HaVaYaH is the system of all parts of the universe (Ha-Va-Ya-H) connected into one formula of interaction of the Light with the desire.

There are only two components in the creation—Light and desire. When Light enters desire, forms it for itself and the desire is ready to be like the Light, then such a system of interrelation is called HaVaYaH.

It is immutable, because it is initially defined based on the opposite qualities of Light and desire, which begin to complement each other by becoming mutually imbued with each other.

HaVaYaH is the structure of a corrected desire that has entered into complete adhesion with the Light. And every part of it is also a small HaVaYaH.

HaVaYaH does not change because the quality of bestowal and the quality of reception are initially given, constant, mutually complementary, and it is impossible to change anything here.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/23/17

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A Kabbalist’s Inner Mood

226Question from Facebook: I have been studying Kabbalah for more than five years. Before each lesson and each convention, I experience a feeling of fear, as if the world is collapsing, although there is no apparent reason for this feeling.

Answer: I have internal work to do. I experience the states of ascents, descents, happiness, fears, searches … I prepare for the lesson in advance to be together, in constant connection, in contact with the Creator, according to the principle “There is none else besides Him.” Even looking through the news I realize that everything comes from the Creator’s management, that the world is my reflection.

As a result, coming to the lesson, I have already been completely “formatted” to correctly perceive it. It is not a “hypnotic” fear that lives in me, but a sense of responsibility. I must constantly take care of my inner spiritual mood. And I’m very grateful for this need to set myself up like this.

The Creator sends us very different, sometimes very difficult circumstances. And we must relate to them responsibly, first and foremost. Caring for others, the constant aspiration of oneself outwardly, cancels fears. Take example from me.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/27/18

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New Life #34 – Chocolate-Coated Garbage, Part 1

New Life #34 – Chocolate-Coated Garbage, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The relationship connection is like a home laboratory in which each partner can begin to study themselves and their partner. Dr. Michael Laitman shares exercises and techniques of how to create a happy relationship, and through a happy relationship, how to achieve love for the entire world.

Partners should speak freely and honestly with each other about human nature, without shame or fear, sharing objectively, with love for one another, and not taking anything personally. The resulting “pile of garbage” between them needs to be removed or covered. This is done by remembering the most perfect moment in their lives, freezing it, and living in it. They talk about it and share heartfelt praises with each other. Finally, the partners share their biggest and most intimate desires with each other and take them on as their own.
Form KabTV’s “New Life #34 – Chocolate Coated Garbage, Part 1,” 7/12/12

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