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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/16/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter
High above, Batya,

Daughter of Pharaoh and of the Creator,
Wraps everyone in a blanket of light.
(#Zohar. Lech-lecha, 196)

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the Creator’s #revelation by His paths, in all categories that are and will be revealed in the worlds, in all forms that can be revealed in the worlds, till the end of all generations.
(Baal HaSulam, “The #Wisdom of #Kabbalah and Its Essence”)

Everything was prepared in advance, and every #Soul already exists in all its light, goodness and #eternity.
(Baal HaSulam, “Letter 25”)
Every person has to attain the root of his soul.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Acting Mind”)
#WisdomofKabbalah_ML #Reality_ML

One thought created all #reality, upper and lower, all the way to the final correction. This one thought acts in everything, is the essence of all actions, determines the goal, and is the essence of all efforts, their whole perfection and expected reward.
Baal HaSulam, TES (The Study of the Ten Sefirot), Part 1

The first spiritual act, annulment of self (egoism, one’s I), is necessary so the Creator can perform anything on you with your consent (Mesirut Nefesh) in faith above reason (bestowal, Li Shma). After that, self-annulment becomes more and more active.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

One who receives fulfillment from the Creator ascends in these fulfillments. One who merits to feel that the #Creator also delights with him, preparing him to receive the upper influences, is called a #Kabbalist.
(Baal HaSulam, “Letter 46”)
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

Crossing to the common group screen is called crossing Machsom, the boundary with the upper world. We act together in our group aspiration, covered by a common intention (screen, blanket) from us to the Creator. This is crossing the Machsom.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The peculiarity of #Kabbalah is that it is able to connect opposing properties ( #opinions, desires, goals), people (parties, nations) into one.

It is my hope that we will use our ambitious energy to enliven our connection and spread it to the world sooner rather than later, instead of waiting for turmoil and #suffering to goad us from the other end of the spectrum. #Iran #Jerusalem #Israel

The more we can inspire relations of care, #kindness and #love to each other above our divisive inclinations, the more we will pave the path for a key attitude shift to sweep over #humanity.

While time is still tilted in our favor, we should concern ourselves with initiating our connection through positive incentives. The #world is waiting for us to carry out our fateful mission: to infuse it with positive connection. #Israel

However, such temporary connection has no lasting strength. That is, the moment the external threat goes away, we continue business-as-usual, and all our internal disputes again take center stage. From my article:

#Israel Currently Working Against its Divine Mission
In periods when such tensions escalate to all-out #war, the climax of fear momentarily connects us. We stop caring about our internal disputes and all focus on protecting ourselves from the external threat.

Q: If my desires reach a higher order, to bestow and love, will I see spiritual phenomena?
A: You’ll even feel the system of #forces managing our world and every person, you’ll see the result of its influences and will interact with them to practically determine the #future.

The Creator gradually raises us, creating problems and revealing that only He can solve them. In this way He attaches us, egoism, to Him. There’s nowhere to run, and that’s great! It’s wonderful to feel that all your development is in Him, in acquiring the quality of bestowal.

The Creator will force #Jews to think about the reason for others’ hatred of them and what #Kabbalah says about it!

#UNHRC: Israel ‘ignores international law again and again’
The #UN will soon pass a resolution to revoke the state of #Israel, with most countries’ support.

#Kabbalah is simple, but it’s difficult to master since you have to act against yourself, for the good of others and the Creator.

#selfdevelopment #consciousness

#Spiritualwork_ML is managing the world/desire, aiming it at the benefit of the group/Creator. This is the sole influence on the world/Creator. Governance is only through desire.

The #Germans wanted to be courteous hosts
But the guests ended up being the hosts—
Showing hosts the door…
From Twitter 5/16/18

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Let Nature’s Positive Force Flow Through Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/15/18

The people of Israel act as a central junction in the human network. If we try to connect positively above our differences, we let nature’s positive connective force flow through us into the entire human network. As a result, people start changing, albeit unconsciously. Connection would become more valued, and as a byproduct, the attitude toward the people of Israel would become more positive. On the other hand, failure to invest in enhancing human connection invites the negative force to further fuel humanity’s subconscious, enabling the flames of hatred to rise higher and higher in our direction.

In Support Of Artificial Intelligence

laitman_600.02Question: How do Kabbalists feel about science and technology?

Answer: Kabbalists view science and technology, and anything that progresses the world, favorably, so that people see as quickly as possible that it all gives us nothing.

Question: In other words, are you in support of robots and artificial intelligence?

Answer: Yes, let everything around us be artificial: doctors, lawyers, etc. This is exactly what will help people understand where their true purpose lies, what they must actually be doing in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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Do Not Let Intelligence Surpass Action

laitman_219.03Question: It is written: “His wisdom is greater than his strength.” What does it mean?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, it is very bad when intelligence, wisdom, surpasses action. Because first of all, I need to lower my head and receive higher knowledge. And when I adapt this knowledge to myself, I must then work with it within the group.

During the process of working with it, it becomes clear to me what all these actions are for, and only then do I begin to use them as my own thoughts, my own methods.

Question: “We shall do and we shall hear” also applies here?

Answer: Yes. First the action must be carried out because only this attracts the upper Light, and within this Light, we will begin to understand everything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/3/17

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What Determines The Level Of A Soul?

laitman_267.02Question: Regarding the development of a soul, is it a development of the desire to receive the Light of the Creator?

Answer: Yes. The Creator only gives. We can only receive. Receiving for the sake of bestowal, we turn reception into giving. This is why a quality of reception with the intention to bestow is called a “soul.”

Question: What determines the level of the soul?

Answer: There are five spiritual worlds—Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon—after which comes a world of Infinity. Each one has 25 levels of attainment in it, so there are 125 levels in total.

They come from the integration of Light and desire; therefore, we simply state this fact.

The level of the soul is determined by the number, that is, the strength of my desire from 0 to 125.

The strength of the desire is determined by where I am. If I am able to bring the right intention to my desire, then the Light of the Creator enters it, and all three components—the Light that fills me, my intention, and my desire—will be called a “soul.”

Question: What kinds of souls are there, for it says that there are still, vegetative, and animate levels?

Answer: They are simply gradations that have no relevance for us. You should not think that there is an animal soul in an animal, a human soul in a person, and an inanimate soul in a rock. It means that each desire contains five components: still, vegetative, animate, speaking, and universal.

Based on that, we say, “His soul has settled into an animal or a plant.” They are nothing other than levels of desire. Just as I have a desire to consume, let’s say, 100 grams of one thing and a kilogram of another, such is the difference between the animate desire and the speaking one. These are simply token names having no connection with our world.

Indeed, everything is accurately regulated, spelled out, and quantitatively divided according to levels of energies, strengths.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/14/18

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New Life 979 – How To Give And Receive

New Life 979 – How To Give And Receive
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

True giving and receiving is based on the intention to benefit others. The giver should make sure that the recipient will enjoy without any negative feelings like shame, and the recipient should have the attitude of doing a favor to the giver by receiving from him. This can only happen when we rise above all self-concern and connect to a higher force.
From KabTV’s “New Life 979 – How To Give And Receive,” 3/13/18

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