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Rabbi Yehuda Leib Arieh Altar, the #ADMOR of Gur, stressed in Sefat Emet (True Tongue): “Israel’s unity induces great salvations and removes all the slanderers.”

Rabbi Shmuel Bornsztain wrote in Shem mi Shmuel (A Name Out of Samuel): “When #Israel are as one man with one heart, they are as a fortified wall against the forces of #evil.”

Great Jewish leaders throughout the ages circulated this message however they could. Rabbi Kalman Kalonymus wrote in Maor va Shemesh (Light and Sun): “When there are #love, #unity, and #friendship between each other in #Israel, no calamity can come upon them.”

Until we achieve a certain quality and quantity of positive #connection above all our differences, we can expect tensions to continue rising.

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Iran-Israel Clashes: Why the Enemies of Israel Give It No Respite >>>

The unique role the people of #Israel have toward the world: to connect “as one man with one heart” and provide a positive example of connection to #humanity, i.e., to be “a light unto nations.” Fulfilling this role can protect the people of Israel from trouble.

#Iran-#Israel Clashes: Why the Enemies of Israel Give It No Respite >>
Until we achieve a certain quality and quantity of positive #connection above all our differences, we can expect tensions to continue rising. @BINAlerts #opinion #Commentary

My latest on @BINAlerts
After periods of #Israel warring with all neighboring countries in its radius, its current enemy on duty, which warns and gives it no respite, is #Iran.

By showing an example of unity, #Israel will fulfill its mission of being a light onto the nations, as the head of the spiritual Partzuf (soul) relative the body, #humanity. Unity must spread to all nations and the Creator’s #revelation in all its might happens precisely in them.
From Twitter 5/15/18

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Paradise Without Men

Laitman_036In the News (The Points Guy): “When Kristina Roth isn’t busy catching flights, she somehow manages to head up an all-female island.

“That’s right, an island for women only.

“Roth is the founder of SuperShe Island, a health-focused luxury destination off of Finland that’s exclusive to women. …

“For Roth, the island is solely for encouraging women to build themselves up to be confident enough to do whatever they want in life. Her ultimate goal is to gather women from around the world to come together to relax and grow. But don’t assume Roth hates men — she doesn’t. As she puts it, being on vacation with men can sometimes be a distraction for women—‘whether it’s to put on a swipe of lipstick or grab for a cover-up.’

“According to Roth, women tend to be sidetracked by the presence of men and therefore she wanted to give woman another option in focusing on and reinventing themselves.”

Question: Is a woman’s paradise without men possible?

Answer: In principle, women in our time can independently provide themselves with everything necessary. Therefore, the question is really different: is there an inner psychological and spiritual need for the relationship between women and men?

We follow our desires forgetting that we live in the vast system of interaction. It is no coincidence that nature created us this way. At the beginning of evolution, the first primitive organisms were unisexual.

Then there was a division into two parts, and these parts, precisely on reciprocity and oppositeness, complement each other at all levels and in all aspects: physiological, physical, moral, and spiritual. Together they reveal the upper force between them.

Speaking in the language of Kabbalah, in the correct conjugation between the quality of bestowal and the quality of reception, a birth of spiritual progeny takes place—or revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman 02/13/18

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Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/14/18

“Thank you so much for accepting differences between us, thank you for celebrating diversity,” were the words of Israel’s new source of pride, Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי, upon her victory in this year’s Eurovision.

However, I believe that next year’s event holds a much greater opportunity for this message to become reality.

As Netta’s victory positions Jerusalem as the contest’s next venue, it creates a perfect setting for Israel to display the true treasure the world expects to receive from it: the gift of unity and human connection above all differences.

Imagine next year’s Eurovision as an event whose theme is global unity and common humanity. An event that goes beyond a musical contest, to demonstrate and celebrate our natural connection as human beings. Specifically in a place like Jerusalem, which symbolizes great division and conflict, such an event would have an incredibly positive impact.

But the physical place would not be the only reason for it. The true birth story of the people of Israel is, in fact, rooted in global unity. 3,800 years ago, representatives from all the various groups, tribes, and clans living in ancient Babylon decided to come together under the principle of unity above differences. They developed a way of life where they continually make an effort to rise above their egoistic differences and celebrate the natural connection that binds all human beings together.

In other words, the original grouping of people called “Israel” was a mini-model of global unity.

Today, there is a deep-seated demand in the heart of humanity that the people of Israel will rediscover their vocation. This is why many people feel an unexplained sentiment towards the Jewish people, which sometimes comes out in very negative ways.

If we manage to catch the hint from Netta’s success and turn the euphoric sense of joy into positive action, showing the key to the unity of humanity, then, regardless of who creates the best musical performance, the entire world will win the next Eurovision.

The Society Into The Whole World Will Flow Into

laitman_265“It will have all the forms of the government of a state. In this manner, even if the framework of this institution will contain the entire world, and the brute-force government will be revoked, nothing will need to be changed, in both government and work.”—Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation

An altruistic organization develops by testing all sorts of methods, gradually exploring how to operate more correctly. It does not matter whether it includes ten people or ten thousand. In both cases, such a society is united as one organism.

The quantity does not become quality, and vice versa—the ten is always a ten. Moreover, if there are ten thousand around this ten, they are still considered the same ten.

Therefore, if ten people in attainment of the upper world accept society’s management upon themselves, all the others can slowly come and join this small organization, obeying its laws.

This is a gradually accumulative process that will lead to “the whole world will flow into its framework and the power of the brutal force will disappear completely.”

Question: Baal HaSulam writes, “nothing will need to be changed, in both government and work.” Does that mean that the form of management will remain unchanged?

Answer: If all systems are in absolute agreement with each other, and the general system consisting of them is similar to the ten Sefirot that constantly retain the basic laws; systems do not change. Quantity does not become quality—just the small systems connecting to the general one acquire the same quality.

Question: Does this mean that the system will work on the same principle, only the quantitative changes will happen around it?

Answer: There will be no quantitative changes. Even if ten thousand people work in the organization, they will not feel that there are ten thousand of them, because the unification absorbs everything.

Question: Will the small altruistic organization change after the ten starts to change?

Answer: No, it will only expand, reveal, explain, and promote its activities.
From KabTV Program “The Last Generation” 10/30/17

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Physical Body And Soul

laitman_626Question: Is the human physical body part of creation?

Answer: The physical body is not a part of creation and has nothing to do with the soul. You can do anything with your body, but the soul develops according to its own specific laws.

Question: What does it mean when it is written that the sparks of the soul fell into this world and dressed in bodies?

Answer: This world only means egoism. Therefore, the sparks of the soul fell not into this world and not into the bodies, but into egoism.

Our body and what we observe, see, and perceive with our five corporeal senses belongs to the animate level. Kabbalah says nothing about the animate level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/14/18

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How To Get Rid Of Fears In Life?

laitman_565.01Question: How can one get rid of fears in life? I have been looking for the truth for a long time, I understand a lot, but I cannot get rid of my fears.

Answer: We need fears. They always push us forward. Therefore, you need to change egoistic fears to altruistic ones, to fear separation from the Creator, failing to achieve the goal and positive connection with people.

If you shift your fears to the arena of bestowal and love, you will lose the fear of getting hurt or that someone can harm you. Work toward the positive, outside of yourself, outwardly, toward people, and then nothing negative will be come from people toward you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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