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#Jerusalem, the symbol of the nation, will be built when we are united.
When we unite, we’ll unite Jerusalem and the world.

We do not cross the Machsom,
But are carried across it
By a tsunami wave of love for the Creator!
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#Jerusalem restored from destruction means a place, desire where love dwells. For now, it’s in a state of total destruction.
No city in the world is more divided, torn apart by every possible contradiction. By correcting them, we’ll correct the whole world. #JerusalemEmbassy

1st Temple—spiritual vessel, reception for bestowal
2nd Temple—bestowal for bestowal
Both belonged to the head of the soul.
3rd #Temple will include both acts and not just for Israel, but for all nations (Babylon), as written: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Moving the #embassy to #Jerusalem is a symbol, but not correction of the nations’ disunity incumbent upon the nation of  #Israel. The symbol indicates that it’s time to strive to reveal the Creator. This is Israel’s responsibility to the world: to unite with the Creator and the world.

#Jerusalem is the capital of the united humanity of the future.
Unwillingly or consciously, by the Creator’s law, we will attain the state where Jerusalem, “perfect awe” (Ira-Shalem) will dwell in our hearts, in our united desire of love for the neighbor. #Israel

If we manage to catch the hint from @NettaBarzilai’s success and turn the euphoric sense of joy into positive action, showing the key to the unity of humanity, then, regardless of who creates the best musical performance, the entire world will win #Eurovision2019. #Jerusalem

Today, there is a deep-seated demand in the heart of #humanity that the people of #Israel will rediscover their vocation. This is why many people feel an unexplained sentiment toward the #Jewish people, which sometimes comes out in very negative ways. #Antisemitism

In other words, the original grouping of people called “Israel” was a mini-model of #global unity. #Israel

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They developed a way of life where they continually make an effort to rise above their #egoistic differences and celebrate the natural connection that binds all human beings together.

The true birth story of the people of #Israel is, in fact, rooted in global #unity. 3,800 years ago, representatives from all the various groups, tribes, and clans living in ancient Babylon decided to come together under the principle of unity above differences.

Specifically in a place like #Jerusalem, which symbolizes great division and conflict, such an event would have an incredibly positive impact.

Imagine next year’s #Eurovision as an event whose theme is global unity and common humanity. An event that goes beyond a musical contest, to demonstrate and celebrate our natural connection as human beings.

#Israel will always be in humanity’s sights, and it will not be allowed to rest, precisely because of the unique role the people of Israel have toward the #world: to connect “as one man with one heart.” #quoteoftheday

As @NettaBarzilai’s victory positions Jerusalem as the contest’s next venue, it creates a perfect setting for Israel to display the true treasure the world expects to receive from it: the gift of unity and human connection above all differences.
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#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
Growing threats will continue to plague man until he becomes so scared that he’ll realize that there’s no other way out than to reveal the Creator, their cause.

We can aim at the Creator egoistically. But we can advance toward Him only by acquiring the quality of bestowal in our actions.
For that we need to be included in the group since steps toward the Creator are actions of bestowal. We receive the force of bestowal through the group.

If we raise the Creator’s greatness spurred by troubles, understanding that they are sent by the Creator, it’s an egoistic action since we choose the Creator as the stronger one. This action still lacks bestowal, although we already aim toward the Creator.

All of one’s spiritual work is assessed by growth of the Creator’s greatness. By the same principle, one chooses acts and intentions.
The Creator’s greatness allows us to feel bestowing actions as reception from the Creator. Spiritual degrees are measured by the Creator’s greatness.

The upper force is revealed with a detector—unity in the group, which generates the quality of unity and bestowal (Creator’s greatness)
Only this needs to be created in the group—i.e., the Creator’s greatness is the only condition for revealing the upper world.

The Creator made a desire in order to delight it by equivalence to Him. By receiving from Him according to the created desire, we can’t feel that we exist since desire and fulfillment are from the Creator. The “I” is born out of the feeling lack and MY effort to fill it.

…the first time you break away from yourself
Is still not your adhesion to the Creator

The way a mother feels herself entirely inside her baby,
That is the kind of breakaway we must attain

After years of never being fulfilled,
You discover the possibility of fulfillment
By thoughts “away from you, to the Creator”

When care for yourself reaches a hopeless end,
You find a chance to commit to caring for the Creator
…and by that to fulfill yourself?! …Ego?!

Israel’s #independenceday is its independence not from the (external) nations of the world, but from its uncorrected egoistic desires (internal nations of the world) that hinder it from uniting—and transmitting the Creator’s light through it to all the nations.

Distance in the upper world (spiritual distance) is measured by the difference of desires (qualities) between two spiritual objects, qualities.
By changing our qualities, we move around in spiritual space.
The frequency of changes in qualities determines spiritual time.

It’s a pleasure to reveal the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and people!
I must realize that I’m traveling inside myself, in my desires.
But I can travel through different desires inside me—desires to bestow. Thus, I enter another, higher world, the Creator.

#Talmud, Yavamot 63: All evil comes to the world through #Israel. All goodness comes to the world through Israel. All governance of the #world is in Israel’s hands because they transmit the upper light to this world. If they are divided, they do not transmit light to the world.
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