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Our only wish is to feel the Creator’s greatness. We look for ways to elevate His greatness. Means of raising the Creator’s greatness, an urge for this:
The good path, Achishena—through the group;
The evil path, Beito—through fears, separation from the Creator.

The Creator’s greatness is revealed relative to creation’s lowliness.

It’s 2 types of work. But Kabbalists advise not to focus on evil; to aim our work at attaining the Creator’s greatness, though along the way we’ll have to plunge into the dark to reveal the light’s advantage from it

#Spirituality: attaining equivalence with the Creator,
Replace egoistic intentions “for myself” with intentions “for others, the Creator.”
Correction is equivalence of form with the Creator. From receiving actions to receiving actions with bestowal intentions, the intention changes.
From Twitter 5/12/18

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