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Just a few days ago we concluded our annual #Kabbalah #Convention in New Jersey. It was a very powerful and unifying event where we all began to feel as one. But do not forget: with efforts to remain connected, every day can feel like a convention!

Congratulations and good luck to the 150 graduates of KabU—our online #Kabbalah University in English. In the photo: #KabU Graduation Ceremony at the World Kabbalah #Convention, New Jersey 2018.
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Every day one must care about sensing the Creator’s greatness to the point that He fills the whole horizon. Then nothing will be scary or difficult. Work only on this—everything else are derivatives of the Creator’s greatness.

As much as we respect someone, we have energy to work for them. As much as we see them as great, we experience bestowal to them as reception—reward.
Hence, to bestow to the Creator, we only lack a sense of His greatness, and that depends on the environment…

The soul (Adam) did not have parts, head and body—thoughts and desires, but only filling by Light of Hassadim. It didn’t have egoism, called “circumcised,” being in a small state. To reveal the Creator, it needed great desires and thoughts—the fall of sin.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
When parts of the broken common soul unite, their differences don’t disappear. But “love will cover all transgressions.” The broken soul keeps its egoism—huge desires and contradictions. The latter help to reveal the light, as advantage from darkness

Without the breakage of creation, the common soul (ADAM) and its correction, we would feel a small state. But after the breakage and correction, we reveal the entire upper light, become one with the Creator, attain equivalence of form with Him and understanding of His path and #wisdom.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
The common soul—ADAM, the only creature created by the Creator, broke into many parts that we, through our unity, must assemble and reconnect with love, in order to reveal the Creator inside that unity: “from love for creatures to love for the Creator.”

The convention in Italy is special in that it calls upon all groups and individuals in Europe to unite. Europe is the ruins of Babylon that we must unite. We must all, already now, take part in that unity; the convention will be the finishing touch. All eyes are on Europe!

This is “Shechina in the dust”—efforts for the Creator’s sake are as important as dust…

No strength to correct oneself comes from no importance of the goal.
We don’t appreciate the importance of efforts and the Creator they aim at.
We lack sensation of the Creator’s and hence our work’s importance.

#Israel—One who aspires toward the Creator. Li-Rosh —head of the #soul.

Our mission is to assemble the broken soul. To select its parts, scrutinizing functions and drawing upper light, which sorts, assembles, and enlivens. Those involved in spiritual work are the head of the soul; the rest are the body.

The difference between the original vessel (soul, Adam) and the one restored after breakage is that breakage brings out new qualities that used to be concealed, but when they’re corrected they become revealed in the attainment of the Light’s and the Creator’s qualities.

#Congress #unity
The attained unity can disappear for two reasons:
– either it goes away by itself;
– or, we begin to work on new unity—and hence the past disappears.
It is recommended to start the next unification straightaway.

#Congress #unity
Every day must bring new unification of Bnei Baruch—and even many times a day. We mustn’t wait for the previous degree to disappear from our sensations. It gets recorded as corrected, since we attained unity. The state disappears in order for us to continue the work.

#Congress #unity
All of the primary work of unification takes place not at conventions, but between them—in the process of preparing for them. Every day can be like a new convention, like a great ascent or descent—they all come together to produce a common result!
From Twitter, 5/10/18

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