Mind And Feelings

laitman_610.3Question: Can a person not understand Kabbalah with the mind, but only sensually?

Answer: Our mind is a derivative of the senses. The spiritual world cannot be understood by reason, because the Creator created a desire, that is, feelings, and when we begin to change our desires, the mind changes with them. Therefore, we turn to the senses—they have to be changed, and the mind will change respectively.

The mind serves our egoistic desires. In other words, it is selfish.

Question: What happens to reason, when intentions change? Does it become different?

Answer: When feelings change for love and bestowal, the mind also changes. It is clearly a servant of desires.

Question: Scientists have established that a person uses 3-5% of the brain’s potential. If he works for bestowal, would he use the remaining 97%?

Answer: Yes. But for this it is still necessary to achieve the quality of bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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