Should We Believe The Mind Or The Heart?

laitman_439Question: Should we believe the arguments of the mind or the voice of the heart, our feelings?

Answer: Neither. Can we trust our feelings? After all, on the animate level we keep making mistakes because of our feelings, and if we believe the mind, it is not clear where it is leading us. All the more so on the spiritual level, here a Kabbalist does not believe his feelings or his mind. He wants the Upper Light to manage his feelings and that his mind will only be the consequence of the impact of the Light.

A Kabbalist always focuses himself on adhesion with the upper source. To the extent that the upper source dominates him, he feels that he is on the right, good, healthy level.

Even with regard to himself, he should not count on his thoughts and heart. That’s the way it is from a Kabbalistic perspective, not from the perspective of an ordinary person who is managed only by his corporeal feelings.

An ordinary person is confident that his feelings and mind are his own. A Kabbalist sees that the desires/feelings and thoughts/mind are not his own, but are merely the result of the impact of the special Light called the Surrounding Light or the Upper Light. This is the difference between a Kabbalist and an ordinary person.

A Kabbalist’s job is to draw an increasingly greater intensity of the Light unto himself because he has nothing of his own. As created beings we have to tie ourselves to the source that created us and to try to receive the maximum bestowal from Him.

Question: Does a Kabbalist use the feelings and emotions that are revealed in him or does he totally ignore them?

Answer: Of course, he uses them. He has to find out exactly what he undergoes at a certain moment and what he should arrive at the next moment.

A Kabbalist constantly searches for feelings inside him that will enable him to adhere to the upper force in order to feel that he is under its domination and that there is no one but that force that manages him on all sides by invoking in him both negative and positive feelings in order to develop the right organs for his feelings in the fullest, quickest, and most efficient manner. This is what the goal of the development of a Kabbalist comes down to.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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