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Exodus from Egypt till Passover is purifying desires, attaining faith, bestowal, Light of Hassadim. After Passover, it’s purifying desires to receive, to receive Light of Hochma in Light of Hassadim, #Torah. When Torah fills the desires, it’s called #Shavuot, reception of Torah.

33 days of corrections in Hafetz Hesed (bestowal for bestowal), time of smallness, reaching the degree of Bina over egoism taken from Egypt. #LagBaomer is correcting the desire till smallness. Then, from bestowal for bestowal, we proceed to reception for bestowal, reception of Torah.

This allows us to understand the historical events related to #LagBaomer: the death of Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students. They died because they ceased relating to one another well, according to the rule, “every correction is preceded by breakage.”

From #LagBaomer on, we must unite with greater allegiance to prepare our desire to receive for the sake of bestowal, to receive Torah, Light of Hochma. Thus, Lag (the 33rd day) is a critical point on the boundary between the bestowing and receiving desires.

We celebrate Lag BaOmer, meaning the end of correcting the Soul’s bestowing desires: #Hesed, #Gevura, #Tifferet, #Netzah, till #Sefira #Hod in HodLAG in total (33rd Sefira out of 50). Next, correction of receiving desires for bestowal starts: from Hod in Hod till #Malchut.

Correction of the will to bestow prior to Lag BaOmer (33rd day of Omer) is the period of smallness. This is the start of correction of receiving desires—the time of greatness and reception of the Light of bestowal inside these desires, also known as reception of the #Torah.

Passover symbolizes the onset of redemption from egoism, acquisition of the desire “bestowal for the sake of bestowal.”

The most notable corrections are Egypt, Exodus, Crossing the Final Sea, Accepting Mutual Guarantee and Receiving Torah.
Exodus from Egypt precedes Passover

The program of upper providence includes periods called holidays. This is special illumination from above, revealed at specific frequency and force: days, weeks, and months. However, these aren’t times, but names of upper lights pushing us toward correction.

The Creator created lack and fulfillment, which is felt to the extent that the lack is felt. The goal: for us to feel as He does. The advantage of light is felt from darkness. Creation must attain separation and unification. We sense our existence upon the contrast.

Tonight in New Jersey, I will be giving the first lesson in our annual gathering in North America. KabbalahConvention2018 …#AllAsOneConvention #NJ2018
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