Complying With Spiritual Laws

laitman_284.03The definitions of the wisdom of Kabbalah are not quite like definitions we use in the ordinary spoken language. The “nations of the world” are the desire to enjoy for oneself. “Jews,” the people of Israel, are desires aiming to bestowal.

Therefore, each person can be divided into nations of the world and Israel: into desires seeking only to satisfy themselves and desires aiming to the love of others and from it to the love for the Creator. On this basis, everyone can determine to which part of the general desire, that is, the creation he belongs.

Religion (Daat) is the method of Kabbalah that helps a person reach the middle line (Sefirot Daat-Tifferet-Yesod), and accordingly aim his desire to enjoy bestowal. If, when reading Kabbalistic sources, we perceive them through these definitions, we will not get confused and we will attribute everything to the desire to enjoy, the material of creation and its various properties. Then we will be able to identify them correctly and understand where we are: in a corrected or in a corrupted state. 1

The desires of Israel, directed straight to the Creator (Yashar-El), do not feel satisfaction until they reach correction. Such a person feels internal restlessness. If he is drawn to the revelation of the Creator, to correction, he cannot be satisfied with ordinary civil life, but must reach the revelation of the Creator. Only in this he will find comfort, tranquility, and satisfaction. 2

If we are given a desire to attain the Creator and we do not develop it, do not promote it toward the revelation, we inflict great troubles on ourselves because we are lowering the heavens to the earth. By this we cause the fall of the generations who were called to correct their desire. After all, instead of ascending to the upper Light and being filled with it, they want to receive abundance below without any correction, and by this they cause darkness and all disasters in the world.

People who were capable of making a correction and rising, becoming a channel for the upper world for all others, but failed to do so and did not realize the desire given to them to reveal the Creator, suffer from this themselves, and they also condemn others who cannot do anything by themselves and depend on them. Therefore, the nations of the world suffer from the fact that Israel fails to perform its mission, to correct itself. This is the reason for the existence of anti-Semitism. 3

Instead of climbing the degrees of bestowal and love of others and conducting the Light to the nations of the world, which was possible already from the First Temple, the people of Israel absorbed corporeal desires of the nations of the world and adopted their customs. In each generation only a select few Kabbalists remained. 4

There are laws of nature that act on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. If a person does not follow them, he receives punishment because these are laws of physical nature. There are also laws of spiritual nature that relate to the equivalence of a person with the Creator. These laws act selectively, according to a person’s degree, like a system of justice that does not punish a child, gives only partial punishment for the same offense to a teenager, but punishes an adult person in full.

The spiritual ladder is created on the attitude of the upper Light toward the desire to enjoy, the material of the creation. According to this, a spiritual law acts at each level. The law is a proportion between the upper Light of the certain level and the desire to enjoy corresponding to it, when they are equal and can connect.

Therefore, if at some degree we do not see and do not know something, it means that it is for our benefit, because the ladder of degrees from above downward is built in such a way. We cannot complain that this is unfair. 5

Everything we feel in this world is an influence of the forces that guide us with maximal love and care in the right direction. Wherever I fail to see this, I need to correct myself in order to agree with this governance. 6
From the From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/18, Baal HaSulam, “Exile and Redemption
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