“Do Not Show A Fool A Job Half Done”

laitman_243.03Question: What does the Kabbalistic principle “Do not show a fool a job half done” mean?

Answer: The Creator does not show us half of our work until the step is completed.

The measure of the full step is called “seah” (an ancient measure of granular substances). Until we fill up our “cup” with a full measure of effort, we will not feel that we have done anything. We are shown neither half of the work, nor a quarter—only the completely finished work.

In every Partzuf (spiritual system) there cannot be less than ten Sefirot, otherwise their presence in Malchut (the tenth part of the Partzuf) is not felt. Only after all the processes in the nine upper Sefirot reach Malchut does she begin to feel that something is happening. Therefore, it is written that the spirituality is not divided into parts—there is only an integral structure.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/26/17

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