Spirituality Has Its Own Mathematics

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that there is no “almost” in spirituality, but at the same time, the spiritual path is divided into levels, and each of them brings us closer to perfection. How does the absolute combine with the gradual advancement?

Answer: On every level, on every spiritual degree, we each have our own measure, according to the order of the realization of the Reshimot (spiritual records). The big general vessel was shattered to pieces, and each piece has its own limits, its own measures of conjugation with others, its measure of correction, and its own “measure of efforts,” both in the absolute value and individually.

Indeed, there is no “almost” in spirituality. If at a given level you correct nine parts out of ten, then you have not managed to correct it yet. Only after you correct the tenth part do you complete the work.

In the same manner the electron cannot exist separately from the atom. The atom is made of many particles and they all have to be in the right place. Later other bigger, more complex forms are created: molecules, cells, and bodies, and they each have to be in their whole measure. Even the smallest measure has to be whole, down to the last smallest particle.

Question: On one hand, everyone has to be as one man with one heart, and on the other, it says that every person can judge the whole world either to the scale of merit or unfavorably. How can we explain that?

Answer: It’s impossible to explain that on our level. It’s impossible to perceive by our mind. It isn’t the laws of ordinary mathematics that operate here, according to which one plus one equals two. Spirituality has its own mathematics.

Question: What is a “whole measure?” What is the criterion for wholeness?

Answer: A whole measure is a sign of change on every level, according to the principle of “I have exerted myself and I have found.” I increasingly exert myself and suddenly I “leap” to a new state. It’s only according to this reaction that I know for sure that I have exerted myself enough. It’s impossible to predict it. There is no “counter,” no indication in advance, according to which I can judge my success.

It’s because we work “above reason,” in bestowal, and bestowal cannot be measured. The measures are always in the desire to receive. In bestowal, the measurement can only be with regards to the revelation, and so it’s always according to “I have exerted myself and I have found.” This “finding” is the ultimate check.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/13, “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 

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