A Man’s Attire Shall Not Be On A Woman

laitman_533_02The Torah, Dueteronomy 22:05: A man’s attire shall not be on a woman, nor may a man wear a woman’s garment because whoever does these [things] is an abomination to the Lord, your God.

The so-called female and male desires have separate intrinsic states. Female desires are mostly selfish. They can be corrected only if a man is by the side. And male desires are desires for bestowal, they are basically intentions.

Therefore, a woman cannot be without a man. A female desire must be either under the guidance of her father or her husband. A free woman, that is a free desire, shouldn’t exist because without the right intention it will be selfish. This is a law and it shouldn’t happen in the nation.

That’s why the current state of humanity and society is completely opposite to the correct state.

If a woman “wears man’s clothes,” this means that she behaves freely as a man, which is the source of all problems in society. But it stems from the fact that it is necessary to correct internal desires, which are always female desires, while the intentions are male. Therefore, a man must always “cover” a woman (desire) with his intention.

If a man “puts on women’s clothes,” this means that he descends to a level at which he starts working for reception instead of bestowal. And this is a terrible degradation.

A man in Hebrew is called Gever from the word Gabrut, an effort, which means putting effort in overcoming his own egoism and always trying to set himself on the Creator. And if he is not doing this, then he is at a very low, animal level. It is said: “All are like animals.”

A woman is a state when you feel your egoism, you try to do something about it, but you cannot. To do this, you have to “get married,” that is, find a man’s intention.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/28/16

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