Men And Women: You Cannot Eliminate The Differences

Laitman_725.jpgQuestion: Where are the rules mentioned according to which a woman must stand behind a man? Today a woman works, earns money like a man, and takes care of children and the home. After all of that, she still has to follow a man with her “head bowed”?

Answer: I understand how the picture looks to you, but it is completely different. According to our current situation, a woman can work equally like a man, but the continuity of the generation is a special right that is given to her. Also housekeeping, no matter how it is viewed, rests upon her shoulders. The difference still exists and there is no need to eliminate it.

We are going through a period in the development of humanity in which we want to be revolutionaries, changing the world according to our imagination, according to our understanding and desire. Ultimately we will understand that the result is much worse and that it is better to return to the sources and act according to the nature of the world and our own nature and not to invent something else.

Why should a woman work and do everything just like a man? The rate of unemployment today has reached 30 – 40%. Wouldn’t it be better if only men were working in the world? And women would be engaged with the education of children, self-education, and preparing a fertile ground for the men. Then it could be that the family would be stronger and the world would be much warmer and better, without wars and other problems.

Let’s each deal with our own business! I do not think that the education of children and housework is somehow less than the work of a man sitting at a computer, for instance.

Giving birth, educating, moving humanity forward generation after generation is women’s work! What could be more basic and necessary?

Question: Does that mean that nobody needs 80% of the work that is done in the world?

Answer: Of course it isn’t needed! In the end, what do we get? Children are run around who knows where and how. And what will come of them isn’t clear. A woman should have a psychological and pedagogical education in order to educate children, take care of them properly, and build a family correctly.

A woman personifies the home. In Hebrew, “home” is a woman, a mother, wife, the mistress of the house. The man is an appendage to her, bringing home a salary and is engaged with obtaining physical and spiritual food. The woman carries out her spiritual work by way of the home. And this division is very important.

But now we are in such a stage, such an incarnation, where everything has turned upside down. But we will return to carrying out our functions correctly because in the present state we cannot complete the correction of the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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