Living With Other Coordinates

laitman_742_03Question: Can a person influence the amount of time that is allotted to him? I’d like to live as long as possible….

Answer: If you want to live as long as possible, please. It is possible to rise to a level of eternity in this life and continue to live forever.

Question: Is it possible to lengthen the period of physical life?

Answer: If I am found within the characteristics that give me a feeling of time, then I can rise above them, meaning above time. Even physicists say that there is no time.

It is possible to manage time, but this depends on how much I am connected with others. As soon as I rise to a level where, together with others, we form a single collective common body, then the feeling of time disappears immediately and no questions arise because I am already floating in totally different coordinates.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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