The Higher The Ascent, The Less Discomfort

laitman_233Question: Is the birth of the soul accompanied by physical discomfort?

Answer: Physically, a person goes through many states. But, the further you advance, there is less discomfort because you begin to understand it, get used to it, and even guess, based on your experience, what actions will be done to you.

Therefore, you calmly go ahead, knowing that there will be a descent again. The light “goes off,” you fall through all the steps of the ascent, like in an elevator flying down, and then gradually come to your senses.

First, you do not understand where you are and what you are, as all connections break off, and the feeling of the upper world disappears. You remain only in the perception of this world, not really understanding what is happening here, what kind of people are surrounding you, and what they are doing here.

Then, you begin climbing up again through an even bigger connection with the group, but the extreme states are amazing.

In fact, there is nothing scary about it. On the contrary, you feel the tremendous power of life, the world, nature, the Creator, and you, yourself, are in it as an accomplice.

You simultaneously look with regret at how people are living in this world because they have a great opportunity to fill themselves with the whole creation from beginning to end, and they are busy with something petty, insignificant, and languish in this way. We must do everything to help them. By helping them, you help yourself, and vice versa.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/14/18

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