Are The People Of Israel Ready For Their Mission?

laitman_602_02Why Are We the Chosen People for It?

We must set a good example to the world because we are better qualified than all other nations. It is not because we are more idealistic than they are, but because we suffered from tyranny more than all other nations. For this reason, we are more prepared to seek counsel that will end tyranny from the land. (Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation)

Baal HaSulam speaks not so much of the physical suffering of the people of Israel, although Jews were oppressed for many thousands of years, he speaks of the suffering to reveal the Creator, of the inner change that man has to do to free himself from the rule of egoism.

This has prepared us for the fact that now we can be a group leading humanity to the goal of creation. We pulled ourselves to this level, although it was not easy, being God’s chosen people costs bloodshed to every generation.

Question: Do you think that the people of Israel are ready to fulfill their mission?

Answer: No. If once I thought that in 10 to 20 years I would be understood, I’m not sure whether they will agree with this in the future generation. Our hopes for correcting the world are, of course, good, but to accomplish this we need to agree with the Creator’s program blindly and go forward “like an ox to the burden and a donkey to the load.” We have no other choice.

However, the closer we get to the tipping point, the more acute the situation will become. Kabbalists will be a particularly persecuted group within the Jewish people, and Jews will be persecuted by all the peoples of the world. Then everything will be resolved.

It is written, “And the children of Israel cried out from their work in Egypt.” People will cry: “Why do they hate us?” And Kabbalists will cry out to the Creator to give enlightenment to the people of Israel, so they will understand why they are hated. That’s when the people of the world will understand why they hate Jews.

Question: In spite of this attitude, should we continue to spread Kabbalistic values?

Answer: We have no choice. The Creator appointed each of us to this work, and we are obliged to fulfill it. When we bring Light into this world, it becomes clear where truth is and where lies are.

Therefore, feeling themselves opposite to Kabbalists, Jews will begin to hate us more and more, and nations of the world, in turn, will hate Jews. This is the embodiment of total darkness that thickens before leaving Egypt. In the original sources this state is described as great suffering, stress, and threats. People will stop understanding each other, and the peoples of the world will rise against Israel.

Thus, suffering will increase if we do not move them to the next level in time.

Question: Does this mean that people have freedom of choice, which is to listen to Kabbalists?

Answer: Not yet. One has to have a certain spiritual background for this. And this can happen only through our dissemination.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 11/12/2017

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