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International Mother-Earth Day (Earth Day)

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/22/18

Today is International Mother-Earth Day (Earth Day).
The Earth and its ecosystems are our home. Human beings must use the Earth’s resources carefully, taking into account future generations as well. The problem can only be solved by correcting the egoistic nature of man.

To better understand our relationship with nature,
read my article on Hurricanes from last year

My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/22/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Israel is the mightiest irrational and spiritual factor affecting the whole world. The world is focused on Israel—in the meantime, as a source of problems.
However, by uniting, Israel will become a source of goodness, #peace, #eternity and revelation of the Creator to the world!

There’s no Creator without creation. There’s only abstract upper light called Atzmuto, meaning Itself. The notion of Creator starts when there’s already a certain desire-creature, in which upper light is revealed according to its qualities.
#Reality_ML #Kabbalah #wisdom

Any event in one’s personal life or the group’s life is intended only to reveal the Creator’s #singularity. Everything is aimed at the end of correction and promotes us toward that goal. But the extent of our participation depends on us (Good Path of Development).

The upper light creates all forms, from beginning to end, inside the will to enjoy. After creating them, the light disappears to enable us to replicate these actions and thus to study the process we must go through to become equivalent to the Creator.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

No work is as sublime or interesting as revealing the Creator in the ten. It’s enthralling, one cannot remain impassive, because we look forward to building and revealing the Creator, who will manifest to the extent of our efforts and will fulfill us.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

Creation surmises what qualities the Creator possesses, and tries to replicate them, while the Creator shows creation whether or not its surmises were correct. That’s how He teaches us to build forms of creation similar to the Creator, meaning to build man, Adam.

Movement in the spiritual field, “A field blessed by the Creator,” is possible only toward greater importance of the Creator.
A person in the spiritual world is in the dark, but 2 pointers—importance of Creator and group, show him the right direction. These are his spiritual eyes.

By correcting the connection between us, we correct the #soul.
Inside this #connection between us, we reveal the Creator,
Here, in this world, in this lifetime!
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

Residing inside the ego, like in a bubble
Created by the upper force,
We are powerless to extricate ourselves from it.

We’re obliged to draw upon an external force
That can penetrate the egoistic bubble—
And transform it to its opposite—
Love and bestowal.

We develop like climbing up a pyramid.
The summit of the pyramid is small—
So the time for correction is short.
We must complete it very soon.
Time gets restricted in the shape of a pyramid,
As we climb from the base to the summit.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

When you’re in the group, you’re in the Creator’s arms,
And when the group is in your arms, you receive from the Creator for the group.

To pull yourself up to the upper root,
You must unite w/the group,
Since in the upper root, qualities are integral,
While yours are individual.

#Israel was created as an opportunity to attain independence from egoistic nature, reveal the upper force in the unity of all nations into one. This is Israel’s mission. The nations of the world are subconsciously waiting for this to happen. It’s time to fulfill our mission.

But they didn’t engage in correction by revealing #Kabbalah, and so the world followed the course of #scientific progress.
In our time, the dead-end on the path of #suffering is being revealed.

After the fall of the 2nd Temple, Jews scattered around the world to absorb desires of the nations of the world.
This process ended in the times of the Ari (#Messiah son of Joseph).

The more developed a nation is, the greater is its lack for meaning of life, revelation of the Creator—and the closer it comes to Nazism, sensing that Jews are the cause of suffering.
Democratic, liberal, and pro-socialist regimes are about to crumble, to be replaced by #fascism.

This demand (MAN) for fulfillment from the body to the head of the soul is #Antisemitism!

#Antisemitism is the demand from the nations of the world (body of the soul) to the nation of #Israel (head of the soul) to supply them with revelation of the upper world (filling by the Creator’s light).

Never think about bad things
And how to be shielded from them.
Be like a baby in the Creator’s arms,
You inside the group and the group in your arms.

Humanity is already like a family!
And like a family,
Every person must care for it,
Since we receive from above on everyone’s behalf

Falling ever deeper into despair—
But the drop of unity awakens
A spark of light in Egyptian darkness…

Our guys are the serious type. You can’t buy them with anything. Ads are useless. They understand the modern world’s problems. They look at the divided world “from afar, from above” from their internal integral essence. Therefore they have a more realistic attitude to the world.

Human beings must use the Earth’s resources carefully, taking into account #future generations as well. The problem can only be solved by correcting the egoistic nature of man. To better understand our relationship with nature  #MotherEarthDay #climate

The prophet #Isaiah said that the nations will raise Israel to the Creator.
The nation of Israel: bestowing desires, GE
Nations of the world: heavy desires, AHAP
GE can be raised only by AHAP, to total correction of both
This is why global dissemination of Kabbalah is needed!

The main effort is to compose out of the mosaic in the mind and feelings a picture in which:
everything comes from the Creator,
begets countless objects and actions,
and through one’s efforts is completed into the Creator’s image again.
Always preserve this picture of the world!

Dawn is only the light,
The world is the same,
There’s no #life here, only existence…

What do we do with our nature?
It is full of evil,
Even more wicked when developed.

But I remembered the reason
Of my disappointment—it’s the Creator!
And everything awakened at once…

The #IMF will review all its policies, as the entire post-war global trade system is crumbling.
The IMF’s system is built on the ego, which is why it’s breaking down.
The global #crisis is determined by the #global ego.
There’s no other solution aside from its correction.

If we don’t begin to correct our innate ego, #Israel will continue seeming redundant and harmful. If the world learns that Israel exists to correct the global ego, there won’t be any questions regarding its right to exist. This is what the nations of the #world want to hear.

#Israel’s future hinges on the realization of the cause and purpose of its existence.
Stop being proud of corporeal successes.
The purpose is to save the world, not the country.
#IndependenceDay is a chance to rescue the world from its only enemy, the ego and build a good future.
From Twitter, 4/22/18

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Degrees Of Independence

Dr. Michael LaitmanAchieving independence is in essence the entire work of a person on this earth. The whole process—from the moment of our birth in this world and before entering the spiritual world and the subsequent development of the soul until the end of its correction—is advancement toward independence.

Independence is realized in achieving similarity with the upper force, the Creator, nothing more or less than that. Until a person reaches the Creator’s degree, power, and similarity with Him in all qualities, he won’t complete his development and won’t gain independence.

Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” “It is written in The Zohar: “With this composition, the Children of Israel will be redeemed from exile.” Also, in many other places, only through the expansion of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the masses will we obtain complete redemption. They also said, “The Light in it reforms him.” They were intentionally meticulous about it, to show us that only the Light enclosed within it is the cure that reforms a person.

Hence, it is clear that only in this way is it possible to reach the independence that we want so badly and to become free, even in the material sense. Only in this way will we be able to free ourselves from the external threat that doesn’t leave us even for a moment, each time forcing us to fight for our survival.

After all, the opportunity to return to their land was given to the people of Israel as an opportunity for a limited period of time, precisely in order to achieve independence that depends on the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah among the masses.

We exist inside the system of nature, in a special network that acts according to its laws. It is possible to study particular forms of the manifestation of these laws on inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees, as does physics (the inanimate level), botany (the vegetative), biology, zoology, and genetics (the animate, that is, everything relating to living organisms).

There is also a part that relates to a person’s inner world. Psychology and psychiatry dabble in it, but their abilities are very limited, and, in fact, this area remains practically unknown.

The only science that really deals with the person’s inner world is the wisdom of Kabbalah. It studies a person as an internal system acting according to certain prescribed laws, and it lets you understand these laws and use them in order to change human nature and bring the person to the good form of existence.

We can improve our environment and make it comfortable by knowing the laws of physics, chemistry, and other sciences. We can also improve a person’s inner qualities by knowing the laws that the wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us.

These laws remain unchanged and absolute from generation to generation. They are ready for our use, unlike the laws of psychology that constantly change, with declarations that something considered harmful yesterday is today considered useful.

The person’s inner nature is subject to absolute and immutable laws. These laws come from the Creator, nature’s highest force we comprehend to creation’s very depths, the nature of which is opposite to the Creator.

Therefore, Baal HaSulam writes that only through the disclosure of the wisdom of Kabbalah can the entire world shift from exile to redemption. The people of Israel must do it first and show an example to all other nations. This is called “to be a Light unto nations.”

In this way we exit all of this world’s limitations. We are compelled to exist in this world in order to support our body, trying every moment to provide to it the most comfortable conditions. We spend our entire life servicing the body, which eventually dies, turning all our efforts to ashes.

However, we can start working on ourselves in order to achieve true, eternal degrees of existence that are above the care for our animalistic body. When we do so, our main concern becomes attaining the upper force and similarity of qualities with it.

To the extent we become similar to the Creator, we receive an opportunity to be as eternal as He is. Then we begin to climb the degrees, reaching an ever-greater force of eternity and perfection.

Of utmost importance is rising above our body that is given to us only in order to accompany us for some time, until we exit it. If I dedicate myself to the care for it, meaning place myself inside it, then I am engaged in a losing business from the beginning.

It turns out that I invest all my strength and my entire life in developing and filling something that will inevitably die. It means that all my efforts are completely useless. Therefore, we simply are obligated to realize opportunities that the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us.

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A Zero From Ten Sefirot

laitman_292The Creator is revealed inside the connection of ten people, each of which has annulled himself to zero. But how does this connection become equal if each one makes his own annulment toward the group that he views in his personal way? Everyone has his own desire, which is different from all others, so all our zeroes turn out to be different. How do they then become a single zero?

Every one of us is different and unique. There is not a single form where we would be equal. But since we all annul ourselves, we are reduced to a single zero that contains ten zeroes within it that differ from each other like ten Sefirot.

Thus, a Partzuf is created, which has ten completely annulled parts in it connected with each other like ten Sefirot. After all, they are different, but they have annulled themselves to zero, and through this they have connected into single point. This point, however, is complex, consisting of ten points connected through their annulment toward one principle.

Each of us annuls himself and no one is similar to the other in his annulment because each one perceives this principle in his own way. Yet these ten turn into a single system because a single Creator becomes revealed in them and fills them. The Creator summarizes all these ten desires into a single whole.

Each of the ten desires is filled with Light in its individual form in proportion to its self-annulment. They very much differ in their character and strength, but they are considered to be one point: a drop of spiritual semen that begins to develop.

It is a point, but a very complex one. There is no difference between this drop and the entire immense system of the world of Ein Sof (infinity).

The very first self-annulment is not yet enough to reveal the Creator, which requires more advanced forms. With each self-annulment, they absorb the desire to enjoy inside the Klipot above which they annul themselves for the sake of the general principle of unity, and in the contrast between the Light and the darkness, they reveal the Creator.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Revealing the Necessity for the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)
1. Minute 1:52:55

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Israel Is 70!

70 years—for a country this is a young age. However, it is a time for taking a look into results. I am very glad that we have something to be proud of on our 70th anniversary. Today’s Israel is an advanced country. Science, high tech, medicine, military technology, agriculture…, in many areas we are recognized world leaders.

However, most of all, I am happy about another one of Israel’s achievements: the fact that today the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed more and more. We can openly talk about it, spread its knowledge, and people listen to us. They already understand that Kabbalah is neither mysticism nor witchcraft, but a science that builds strong bridges of love among all people, regardless of their race and place of residence.

We can see how people from numerous countries come to our conventions in Israel. At the last convention there were representatives from 75 countries. They come at the call of the soul, and we see how warmly they speak about our country, with such gratitude and love!

And this is against the background of extremely negative attitudes toward us from many countries of the world. This does not stop them. They feel that “love your neighbor as yourself,” which is the basis of our nation, is the only true direction in life.

Happy holiday, dear friends!

When Kabbalah Captures A Person

laitman_571.03Question: If the method of Kabbalah elevates us above problems, then does a person while breaking away from earth and hovering in the clouds, stop solving his problems on the corporeal level?

Answer: No, this can happen only at the beginning when a person first discovers the method.

Suddenly, he encounters science, people, books, and the teaching—the entire system that explains how everything is arranged in our world. Some people are attracted specifically to this, others are attracted to the opportunity to rise above their problems and enter into different states, a third group want to understand what life and death are, a fourth group want to find out what happens to the souls and their reincarnations, and so on.

In other words, ordinary people have a lot of questions that are solved when they encounter Kabbalah. When this captures a person, he can even abandon his family, work, or anything else. It is necessary to act very cautiously here since the discovery of such a system astonishes people.

Therefore, Kabbalah is not revealed in every generation or without a reason. However, in our generation, it can be revealed because humanity has been through many different states, and in practice, humanity can hardly be surprised by anything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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New Life 976 – Can We Control Our Urges?

New Life 976 – Can We Control Our Urges?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Like animals, we feel forced to realize our urges. Our impulses operate in two directions: we love what does something good for us and hate what does something that feels bad for us. Control over our urges becomes possible if we are aware of what urges are liable to awaken in us, if we prepare a system for dealing with them, if we acquire a negative attitude toward them, and if we adhere to a greater goal. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to acquire a higher, spiritual emotion and intellect that will dominate us instead of the urges, according to the principle “habit becomes second nature.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 976 – Can We Control Our Urges?” 3/11/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/22/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic: “Signing The Arvut In The Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 13, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah”

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