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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter
What’s secret in the world? Intentions.
What’s obvious in the world? Actions.
What do I strive to see?
#MondayMotivation #quotes #Society

The #ego makes everyone mingle with everyone (different nations) since ego must connect with other manifestations of ego. The law by which this relocation takes place is that broken desires must internally connect and mingle
#world #society

When people assemble in the group as equals,
By that they obligate the Creator
To rule them.

When people assemble in the group as equals,
Then by equivalence of form, they incite the upper mind
To rule them.

As you observe the external foes,
Reveal the foes inside—
And be victorious!

The condition for Israel’s existence
Is not enemies, #wars or victories—
But unity!

Pride of attainments
Reveals downfall of spirit
Victory of the Klipot
#Israel #peace
Nothing can stop the world’s demise
Except revelation of Kabbalah—
Its upper Light!

Punishments don’t help, suffering doesn’t teach,
The #Holocaust is forgotten,
Correction comes only from the Light above!

If you don’t reveal the flaws in you,
They are revealed from outside—
Now choose…
Could it be that more harm comes from
Good deeds, than from bad ones,
Since the former distance us from realization of evil?

We don’t pass the Machsom
But are carried over it
By the tsunami wave of love for the Creator

When dying, you realize:
The point of all your life’s efforts—
Was to create emptiness…
For creatures, start and end are preset
But who will get there first:
Me or the Creator?

Like a rectifier
I collect ascents and descents
Till dark shines as light!
To kill an Egyptian in you is to understand that there is no villain in the Royal Palace.
To kill an Egyptian is to accept descents as ascents and bring delight to the Creator with them.

How much to take from the treasury of the Creator?—
As much as you can give to the friends.
It is the fulfillment of the soul.
Reflected light sparkles,
striking out of desire the sparks of light and love.
#quotesforlife #life

All are against Kabbalah with their egos.
And the one who tried to master it—is twice an enemy.
Because he realized what it is calling for.
Kabbalah is against our Ego.
It calls to destroy it.
How good it is that it’s hidden from people!

Inanimate will become a plant, a plant an animal-
If the Upper Light shines on them.
A beast will become a man
If it demands the Upper Light willingly.
An angel strikes and pushes every speck of creation to grow.
But I have to strike myself willingly. Like an angel?

The group as a mother’s womb, #Bina, the Creator
I am a drop of semen in it
In the world of bestowing myself to it, I grow

As it turns out, #EGO is present only in spiritual actions
And it arises only in #Kabbalists
I am happy that I, too, am an egoist…

But beware of touching Him
And then before you will rise up that special tower of Oz.
The truth like a miracle will shine upon you,
Only it will be spoken
And all that will be disclosed in the #revelation
Only You will see and none else
Baal HaSulam

The Radiant One shining from heights!
There, behind the screen
The secrets of the righteous are revealed
The light & darkness shine together.
How wonderful it is to know the #Almighty

Above egoism there’s no evil and good
Only perfection, Creator
There’s none besides Him
Eternity touches the soul
Awareness of evil:
first in the group “Isra-El
Then with the whole world—in disillusionment with egoism.
Everything is ready for the meal with the Leviathan

Every day I await death and birth,
Desires to receive and bestow.
Life is beautiful!

The funeral team is the group.
The midwifery team is the group.
I am in their hands!

Toward the friend’s heart, I pave a path to the upper world
To the friend, it’s corporeal
To me, it’s spiritual. Connecting the worlds.

My attitude to the friend is intention
In the upper one, we are one whole
I wish him good for the sake of: myself, us, him, Him?

The higher the person grows from the level of beast,
The more the intention determines the essence of the action
Until there remains only the intention—the upper world.
#spirituality #evolution

I make efforts—
Otherwise, the world will shield the Creator from me.
I am drowning! Help!
When I plead, I feel the Creator close,
In #gratitude—I am distant.
Teach me, show me, support me,
Change me—
And then I can do it myself!

#Prayer is my request
Ability to excite the Creator,
Help others

Lose time, place,
Sense of I—
Find life in the Creator

In the lesson
I hovered
In the field of #sensations
Of the ascending stream

Attraction and rejection—
Opposite forces—
Give birth to reason and #freedom

We have learned to take care of our bodies. And what do I exist for? Humanity has not yet received an answer to this question.

Kabbalah teaches us to replace the Ego with love.
So I hate it. I become an anti-Semite!
To kill oneself only an enemy wants to do.
To kill the beast in oneself—a Kabbalist’s dream.
Die, beast,—and become man.

Meeting with an old friend:
He works so people can live 150 years long.
I work so they can live forever.
Religion’s fathers hold a grudge against me—
Not at a yeshiva,
But in my own school I teach the craft of the Creator.

Part II:
#Suffering is a lack of connection between us,
Since the sensation of the Creator
Is in egoism’s shackles

Part I:
By acquiring love for others,
You become their slave,
But are free from yourself!

Intention is connection with the end of an action.
Intention is the future in the present.
Live in it!

Part II:
Connection between us happens through the screen
The force of the screen is the extent of ascent
Above the #ego

Part I:
People are looking for #connection in the wrong place
Connection between us is possible
… but through the Creator

We’ll start to understand each other
When we connect through the Creator
And for the Creator’s sake

Why judge and repent?
Being punished by a reward
For not believing that the Creator does it all?
And do not blame anyone for anything.
In what you don’t agree with—recognize the Creator.
Let the light spread in your #soul.
#poetry #success #Kabbalah

If you adhere to the Creator, you will see your actions as perfect.
You will see that you haven’t done anything yourself,
That only the Creator did everything. There is none else beside Him!
From Twitter, 4/9/18

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“The Future Of Jobs: Working On Being Human, On BIEN”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/7/18

My article, “The Future of Jobs: Working on Being Human on Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)” is trending on REDDIT with the quote:

“If only few man-hours will be necessary to maintain the machines, what will human beings do? They will be busy “being human,” which means developing themselves, their families, their societies and all that makes us human rather than robots.”

Please join the important discussion there about the future.

Turning To The Creator

laitman_284.03The work of men (Hebrew – Gevarim) is based on overcoming (Hebrew – Hitgabrut), on faith above reason. After all, the exit from Egypt is where we wish to unite, so all our work is directed at continuously greater unification. For now, we are all egoists and we try to unite using our egoistic strength. But through these efforts: the study, connection, and self-nullification, we awaken the reforming Light and receive the strength to overcome, starting to work as men.

The most important thing is to return to the same connection that existed in the first man, Adam, before the breaking. However, if we reach this connection now with all of our egoism, it will be 620 times greater than before. Thus, we will reveal not the small, barely enlivening Light, but the whole Light of NRNHY, the Creator.*

The burden of the exile is the sensation of my inability to come to the correct intention. We try to do something and discover every time that it was for the sake of egoism. After all, the Creator wants to bring us to screaming, to the recognition of evil, the purpose of which is to realize that we will not achieve success without His help.**

The main distinction of the wisdom of Kabbalah in defining the work of the Creator is that it is directed at uniting people in order to bring them to the same model that is called Adam, the single system of the common soul, and from love of the friends to come to love of the Creator.

Pharaoh is between us, and we need to turn him into the Creator so that the Creator will be revealed. The Creator is not revealed in any one of us, but only in the connection between us. The Creator is the network of connection and love that unites us.

Just as sea water fills the gaps between the islands of an archipelago, the Torah needs to fill the space between people with bestowal and love.***

“Do not swallow the Maror without chewing it.”

“Do not swallow the Maror without chewing it.” This means that we need to work on our unity with great persistence, regardless of our inability to reach it. If in the group we consent to the need to unite, it means that we have entered Egypt. Before this, we did not consent to it and did not even talk about it. First, the brothers neglected Joseph and threw him out. But then the famine begins, they agree to unite, and then enter Egypt.

At first they live well in Egypt, but then they begin to discern that they are unable to unite. “The children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage” because they were unsuccessful. And then “their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.”

That is what it means that “the Maror cannot be swallowed without having been chewed first.” We must “chew” this work and feel all of its bitterness and heaviness, like the hard and bitter horseradish from which the Maror is made. From the hard work and being unsuccessful, we become softer and turn to the Creator from despair. Only after the hard work do we begin to sense our captivity and the need to come out of it, and we start to sense that there is a force that can help us. ****

Knowing the Creator means learning gradually what unity and love are that do not exist currently in our state. We live in the opposite world. The Creator that later will be revealed is currently being revealed gradually in the opposite form. It is He who broke the vessel of our soul, and that is why He is shown in the opposite form, as Pharaoh.

However, if we wish to rise above it with faith above reason and to reveal bestowal and love between us, we turn to the Creator now, not to Pharaoh. The Creator and Pharaoh are the front and back sides of the same phenomenon.

This whole work is very simple and specific; the difficulty every time is only in turning to the Creator—that is precisely where Pharaoh hides, and he gets in the way.*****
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/18, Writings of Rabash, “Come Unto Pharaoh – 2”
* (Minute 31:00)
** (Minute 32:30)
*** (Minute 39:30)
**** (Minute 42:30)
***** (Minute 47:50)

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First In Breaking Israel News: “Israel’s True Strength And Gift To The World Is Unity”

My latest article is featured first in the largest portal Breaking Israel News “Israel’s True Strength and Gift to the World is Unity”


Family And Social Responsibility

laitman_540Question: Suppose a young man wants to start a family. Is it necessary to draw his attention to the fact that when choosing a partner, he should be guided not by sexual attraction but by general social responsibility?

Answer: First, I would not associate sexual satisfaction with the family; these are completely different things. We still have a wrong attitude to this, which in the end causes huge disruptions and does not work in society.

We see that food, sex, and family—three completely different categories of desire in a person—are not related to each other. Do not confuse one with another. Love is love, sex is sex, food is food, and family is family. They do not depend on each other, or on wealth, power, and knowledge.

A person who wants to advance must understand that the family is a natural part of society. Proceeding from this, he needs to know how to achieve harmony between the members of his family and with the outside world, in order for them to be an integral, coherent cell, and then they will feel good.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/20/17

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Kabbalistic And Material Attributes

laitman_559Question: Why did the Kabbalists wear special hats and clothing for thousands of years? Was this a tribute to fashion?

Answer: This tradition was born in ancient times when people living in Mesopotamia, ancient Israel and Egypt covered their heads to protect themselves from the sun. And even today, the Bedouins cover their heads as protection from the heat.

As for the Kabbalists, in no way do they connect themselves or their Kabbalistic attainments with external rituals. This is unnecessary for both people and the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/12/17

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New Life 964 – Pioneers Of The New World

New Life 964 – Pioneers Of The New World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The Creator awakened a pioneering spirit in Jews so they can teach the world how to love by adhering with Him. Like our father Abraham who was a spiritual pioneer, the Jews need to devote themselves to the good of the society and the environment. Jews had begun to accomplish this mission throughout history when they broke out in a variety of areas. After this, a bourgeois period began to develop in Israel since the Jews had a desire to build a nation just like all the other nations. Israel needs to aim their development, once again, toward the highest level of pioneering, which is to break out from our dark world into an illuminated, spiritual world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 964 – Pioneers Of The New World,” 2/13/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/9/18

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 5, Item 1

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Lesson on the Topic: “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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