Family And Social Responsibility

laitman_540Question: Suppose a young man wants to start a family. Is it necessary to draw his attention to the fact that when choosing a partner, he should be guided not by sexual attraction but by general social responsibility?

Answer: First, I would not associate sexual satisfaction with the family; these are completely different things. We still have a wrong attitude to this, which in the end causes huge disruptions and does not work in society.

We see that food, sex, and family—three completely different categories of desire in a person—are not related to each other. Do not confuse one with another. Love is love, sex is sex, food is food, and family is family. They do not depend on each other, or on wealth, power, and knowledge.

A person who wants to advance must understand that the family is a natural part of society. Proceeding from this, he needs to know how to achieve harmony between the members of his family and with the outside world, in order for them to be an integral, coherent cell, and then they will feel good.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/20/17

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