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Breaking Israel News: “The Passover From Materialism To Unity“

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “The Passover From Materialism To Unity:“

“This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.” – Exodus 12:2
Passover is an opportunity to pass over from a state of divisiveness, disregard, and coldness in modern society, to one of unity, care and warmth.

Although the Jewish year formally begins on Rosh Hashanah, there is a more expansive view of the Jewish holidays that shows Passover as the start of the Jewish year. To see it from this perspective, we need to understand the deeper meaning of Passover.

Passover describes an inner process where a period of intensifying division leads to a decision to unite, followed by the discovery of a more unified state. Also, Passover points out what makes the Jewish people unique.
What Makes the Jewish People Unique?

Unlike other nations and races, the Jewish people did not emerge organically from familial offspring or terrestrial closeness. The Jews were originally a gathering of people who became known as “the Jews” when they dedicated themselves to uniting “as one man with one heart,” and accepted the responsibility of being “a light unto nations” (the Hebrew word for “Jew” [Yehudi] comes from the word for “united” [yihudi] [Yaarot Devash, Part 2, Drush no. 2]).

The holiday of Passover explains this transition.

It starts at a time when the people of Israel lived exceptionally well in Egypt. In terms of commonly accepted social values, they had it all: comfort, wealth and success, or as it is written in the Torah, “in Egypt … we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted” (Exodus, 16:3). However, even with all their material abundance, they felt that something was missing.

At this point, let’s zoom out to see the process this describes: Human nature, which is a desire to receive pleasure, constantly urges us to fulfill ourselves. The more we fulfill ourselves, the more we feel empty, and the more we feel a need to seek higher and greater fulfillments time after time. Thus, our desire to enjoy grows, and we evolve through various stages of the desire’s growth. After we satisfy our basic needs for food, sex, shelter, and family, our desire grows, and we develop social desires—money, respect, control, and knowledge—which we continually try to satisfy.

Then, we encounter a problem.

Like a dog chasing its tail, we chase after all those pleasures, but we keep finding ourselves wanting something more or different than them, without being able to point out what we really want. The Passover story describes this new desire: that when our material desires are quenched, a new desire for positive social connection emerges. This desire is called “Moses.”

Moses had been around the whole time the people of Israel were thriving in Egypt. He grew up in the house of Pharaoh until he himself exhausted the material pursuit of happiness. That is when the Egyptian exile began. Pharaoh, i.e. our ego, refuses to accept unity. It cannot think of anything worse than the idea of living life with a goal to “love your friend as yourself.”

So as the people of Israel prospered in Egypt, they naturally started wanting more than what they had, and the idea of social unification—Moses—started forming among them. Then came the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh. On one hand, Moses pointed the way to unity and love for one another, while Pharaoh insisted that the rule, i.e. that they would continue living and working only for egoistic, material fulfillment. When Pharaoh saw the people of Israel accepting Moses, he became the savage king the Passover story describes.

Through a long process, the people of Israel ultimately stood by Moses, demanded their unity, and triumphed. They united at the foot of Mount Sinai and accepted the law of “love your friend as yourself.” They then proceeded to purify themselves of hametz (leaven), i.e. their ego, and made the transition (i.e. the Passover) from egocentrism to unification, realizing Moses’ idea and guidance.

Passover Today

Since Passover describes a process of overcoming egoism with unity, it is just as relevant today as it ever was. Today’s materialistic culture looks increasingly like Egypt described in the Passover story: we enjoyed the delights of materialism for quite a while, but more and more people are increasingly feeling that their lives are missing something.

We see this expressed among individuals with increases in depression, stress and loneliness, and in society with intensifying politically-fueled social division, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism. All these phenomena show us that we can have all the material abundance we want, but it still won’t fulfill us, and what we really need in order to fulfill our new, bigger desire is unity, positive social connection.

Unlike our material fulfillment, we cannot picture what uniting above our divisions would be like. We see no example of unity that we can fill our media and educational systems with, and so we keep regurgitating and reinventing materialistic ideas, stories and products since we do not see nor know anything else.

As society continually engages in this materialistic pleasure-chasing loop without any other goal in sight, and as problems increasingly burst out from this setup, the more society points the finger of blame at the Jews. Anti-Semitic sentiment thus rises because the Jewish people, in their ancestry, possess the template for realizing the new desire for connection. If the Jewish people fail to aim and work toward unification in a time when not only the Jews but the world at large, needs unity, then the world subconsciously starts feeling the Jewish people as the cause of their problems.

Our forefathers underwent the process of uniting, saving themselves from ruin in the process. Today, as the finger of blame is on us for all kinds of reasons, it’s up to us to identify the root reason for all that blame—that out of all people, we have been given the keys to unite above all differences, and this is what the world really needs from us. It’s as if the world pays no attention to all the technology, culture and medicine we bring to the world. However, if we do as our forefathers did, then we’ll realize what we were put here to do, and we’ll see how the world’s attitude to the Jews will change to one of respect and appreciation.

I hope that we will start paying attention to the root causes and tendencies behind the world’s problems and that this Passover, we will make a step toward their ultimate solution—unity.

Happy Passover!

My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/2/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Jewish state is one that concerns itself with unity above everything else, while also allowing for the fullest expression of each individual’s uniqueness.
#Israel #Jewish

#Reality_ML #Kabbalah
To someone who really wants to exit the exile of this world and enter the #spiritual #world, the Creator helps, by sending him more and more obstacles in the spiritual work; otherwise, a person will never leave this egoistic world. #Ego #Egoist

The group is obliged to exalt the greatness of the Creator. This will help to lower yourself before Him. To walk by faith above reason in the greatness of the Creator. If one has faith that the Creator wishes everyone well, this leads to the love of the Creator (Rabash).

5. Hatred for Jews, perhaps not obvious and unclear even to them, compels countries to accept Arabs as if to spite Jews. Then they discover that they acted against themselves.
That’s how the Creator governs all, for Israel or against them.
#Jewish #Israeli #IsraeliTerrorism

4. It is written: There is no unnecessary quality in nature, but we are tasked with the mission of correcting every quality, i.e., bringing everything to mutual agreement and love. #Jewish #Israel

3. We must understand that we can’t change any special attitude to Jews—it’s like breaking nature.
Only if Jews correct themselves will anti-Semites disappear. In the general integral view of nature, anti-Semites have the role of a force pushing Jews to develop and be corrected.

2. Therefore, analyzing the property of #hatred toward #Jews, since it is natural, we can distinguish 4 stages in it: from the natural one (blood-related) anti-Semites to those who consider themselves close to Jews. #Antisemitism

1. Like a desire, created as a single one, is divided into 4 parts in its development, HaVaYaH, so is its every particular state or component—into 4 constituent parts. The property of bestowal and reception, the relation toward them also consists of its HaVaYaH.
#Jewish #Israeli

We don’t find in man anything that is not found in an animal, except the aspiration to connect with the Creator. It’s inherent only to man! Hence, man must be evaluated only by his yearning for the Creator. Only that exalts him above the animal world! (Baal HaSulam) #SpiritualWork_ML

To the extent that we’ll increase the importance of the Creator/bestowal/group, to attain His properties of bestowal and love as the purpose of creation—we’ll receive strength to rise above #Ego and bestow. It depends on the importance which comes only from the environment!

We attain the Creator only per the properties of organs of perception. Hence, He is called “come and see”/Bo-Reh. In the extent of the correction of my intention to be similar to Him will I begin to feel what I’ll call the Creator. Each time—by the degree of similarity

#Reality_ML #Kabbalah
While a person is in the ego, he feels the world as dark, as exile, slavery, under the power of egoism/Pharaoh. But as soon as he changes his intention to bestowal, he sees the world as the Promised Land, prepared for him and full of abundance.
#Ego #Passover

1 Everything, even troubles, come only from the Creator,
2 in order to push you to flee, but not from them—from egoism—to the group-prayer-Creator.
3 Do not only solve them in this world;
4 Treat them as the necessary stages of exiting into the upper world.

Kabbalists attain the complete world, all its steps to the attainment of the highest level of ADAM. Thus the entire upper and lower realities are attained, whereas the attainment itself is called the Soul (Baal HaSulam: “The Secret of Conception and Birth”) #Kabbalah_ML #Reality_ML

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
Feeling difficulties and emptiness in spiritual growth is a huge help. Otherwise, one can’t beg the Creator to change him, so he can exit this world into the upper one. Here everything depends on a good environment and proper study leading to the plea.

Unlike J. Stiglitz, I don’t get #depressed, because I know man’s egoism and I don’t expect good deeds from the economy elite. I’d rather wish it success. The farther it goes in its greed, the faster the #world will see the truth and ripen to take advantage of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

#Reality_ML #Kabbalah
We can’t forget that suffering comes only from the Creator and only to push forward. Hence, we must thank the Creator for all our problems and ask to give us the strength to accept them correctly so that they will push us out of this world into the higher world

The greatest misery is to feel that the Creator exists but that He turned away from you. If the Creator left my #consciousness, I would have no thought of Him. But if there’s a small link with the Creator—that He doesn’t want a link, forgot me—it’s time for a #prayer! #God

Anything in creation, harmful or useful, and even the most harmful, has a right to exist and it’s forbidden to eradicate it. But we must correct its harmful influence and turn it into good and useful (Baal HaSulam, #”Peace in the World”)
#WisdomofKabbalah_ML #Reality_ML #Kabbalah

One thought immediately created all reality to its final state. This thought acts in everything; it is the action itself and the result, and the meaning itself, and the efforts of accomplishment, and the reality itself, and the reward. (Baal HaSulam, TES, part 1) #Reality_ML #quoteoftheday

Everything is pre-programmed and every #soul is already in its perfect eternal state, pervaded with upper Light.
(Baal HaSulam Letter 25)
Every person is bound to reach the root of his soul.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Acting Mind”) #Reality_ML #Kabbalah

#CrisisSolution #Ego
The war with the rich is near: they don’t pay taxes per their income. #Taxes serve to reduce #inequality. But the richest are taxed less tax. The number of old and unemployed people is increasing, while tax collection is less. How will the issue be solved?

The laws of nature are absolute. But nature requires fulfilling them in accordance with the development of man. Kabbalah teaches us the laws of nature. We don’t change properties given by nature, 9 Sefirot, but we learn how to unite them correctly above our teacher—ego.

From Twitter, 4/2/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/1/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Truth is in the disclosed lie. #Manipulation and #exploitation lurk in the concealed lie. Today we tell the truth to another’s face and this behavior is much closer to the raw egoistic nature underlying our every motive. #AprilFoolsDay  Full post:

Efforts need to be made to have expulsion from the property of bestowal and love manifested (destruction of Adam’s soul among us). A sign of salvation is a sense of desperation to reveal bestowal and love—the Creator. This feeling must be shared. From Egypt—exit to unity!

#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah
Egoism assures man that the path should not be uncompromising, as Kabbalah points out. No need to suffer, fighting with egoism, desire to receive pleasure. Hence, parallel to Kabbalah, egoistic religions developed, #Ego-practices, the gifts of Abraham

Religion eases life, allowing replacing internal acts to correct #Ego with external acts for a reward in this and the future world. This helps discern egoism against the Creator’s property of bestowal. Hence, religions and practices are necessary to discern the Creator

It is written: “I am not a messenger,” i.e., the Creator Himself delivers from #Ego/Egypt. This means that I’m in contact with the Creator, without intermediate properties. I feel being against the Creator, in my demand; I associate salvation only with Him. #spirituality

We shouldn’t and cannot correct ourselves! Only one force (#Creator, #Upper Light) can do this. But we must ask Him for it. The #ego isn’t letting us ask the Creator for help, so that, by annulling its power, we would reveal the Creator’s authority in everything.

Nature’s laws are absolute. But nature demands fulfillment of its laws in accordance with one’s #development. Kabbalah teaches us nature’s laws. We don’t change the qualities nature gave us, the 9 Sefirot, but learn how to combine them correctly above our teacher/ego.

The power of group prayer is such that it is forbidden for a member of the Kabbalistic group to ask for oneself, even to do something for the Creator, but only with a request for a group. The one asking for himself causes the destruction of his soul. (Baal HaSulam)

#KabbalahWisdom_ML #Reality_ML #Kabbalah
#The Creator is the property of bestowal and love; it is all that exists, the nature of all levels, worlds. There’s nothing but Him! Man is created opposite to the Creator’s quality—to be able to become like Him and in this measure reveal Him

#Kabbalah doesn’t welcome rejecting ego. #Egoism is matter created by the Creator. The greater it is, the more to correct and become like the Creator. The degree of similarity to the Creator in bestowal and love is called a #screen. It is what we should ask from the Creator

It is impossible to harm yourself or others by studying Kabbalah, because the spiritual world is protected, hidden from your egoism by your own screen. As you cannot lift more than you have the strength for, so you cannot see what you can’t use for bestowal and love.

#KabbalahWisdom_ML #Reality
Kabbalah allows a scientist to use the force of the forthcoming stage of development in order to ascend—to attain the next level empirically and mentally. Kabbalah is a science requiring the researcher to acquire the properties of the object researched.

If we compare the property of Light/bestowal with the property of egoism/reception, then at different levels of comparison we’ll get physical, biological, chemical, psychological, etc. levels of dependence—the laws of Light vs. desire. This is the nature of all worlds!

With sight we view what is occurring in our brain that has a camera showing us what we supposedly see, as if it’s located opposite to us. But any thinker understands that all that we see is occurring only in our brain. (Baal HaSulam “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 34)

#Reality_ML #Israel
A corrected Israeli society would be a united people, though we all come from different nations of Ancient Babylon. But above all these differences we will reveal love and connection. All the differences will turn to unity and the Creator’s #revelation in us.

Man’s objective: to combine individual, fragmented, even opposite qualities. #Unity is revealed precisely in their unification. The Creator purposely prepared this work for us, so that by “assembling nature by its parts” we would attain His (=her) perfection.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Passover #Wisdom
The Creator is the property of bestowal and love. It exists in all creatures. In your relation to them, and in no case apart from them, when you will treat them as the Creator, you will find Him in them, in the measure of your similarity to Him.”

This #Passover waves of #Antisemitism are pervading the world, especially in Russia. We must explain their source and nature not to anti-Semites, for they can’t change themselves or the world; explain to Semites—so that by correcting themselves, they correct the whole world! #Jews

Spiritual work doesn’t require us to embrace the whole world, nation, humanity; a group of 10 will suffice. Thru it we’ll be able to feel the whole world and all worlds up to infinity and final correction. After all, a part consists of the whole, depending on the attainment!

There’s nothing redundant in the world. When attaining the Soul’s system, everyone finds their place. But if not, like a child assembling a Lego, redundant parts remain. By attaining the Creator’s qualities, we’ll reveal everyone’s purpose and the good connection w/ one another.

Advancement is possible only thru the development of the connection with the upper or with the lower—and in no other way. I can’t rise above my level unless in conjunction with the Upper. I won’t rise above my level unless I receive the desire from the lower.

We don’t realize how much we hate the Creator, how distant we are from Him in our properties. We hate Him, namely Him, because “there is none else but Him.” It’s from the point everyone must come to in his development that we must change everything and start to love

#SpiritualWork_ML #Passover #Kabbalah
#Torah means the Light that is in it; as per the Creator: “I created the evil inclination/#Ego and the Torah to correct it.”
This refers to the L ight of the #Torah, able to return us to the Source, the Creator. (Baal HaSulam Shamati, 6)

#SpiritualWork #Passover
It’s written: “I am not a messenger,” i.e., the Creator Himself delivers from #Ego/Egypt. This means that I’m in contact with the Creator, without intermediate properties. I feel being against the Creator, in my demand; I associate salvation only with Him.
From Twitter, 4/1/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/31/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The level of responsibility of everyone in the group for the result of unification should fully determine his and his closest family’s well-being. It’s necessary to create such ties in the group that would oblige everyone to a true guarantee in the name of personal survival.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Passover #Wisdom
The Creator is the property of bestowal and #love. It exists in all creatures. In your relation to them and in no case apart from them when you will treat them as the Creator, you will find Him in them, in the measure of your similarity to Him.

#Pesach/pasach is stepping over #egoism, when exiting Egypt. Pharaoh is the ego/the force within me. Egypt (Mitz-ra) is the concentration of evil. The leap (pe-sah) is done by the Creator. It’s necessary to exit egoism, or you won’t be able to make any correct movement.

Thru ages, people saw the cause of all #suffering in the ego-nature of man but didn’t find a means to correct it. So when #SpiritualWork got revealed, the tool to correct #Ego – #Kabbalah, they realized how strongly it opposes their ego-nature and they began to object to Kabbalah.

Everyone hears of global interdependence but prefers to hide on a remote island away from the #world, believing it’ll bring personal #salvation. In understanding of full #interdependence of personal and common welfare, the person’s readiness for spirituality is verified.

People strive for desires: food, sex, family, wealth, fame, knowledge, per which pride or shame manifest. #Kabbalah develops in man a yearning for similarity to the Creator, by way of unity in the group and a request to the Creator. In regard to them—pride and shame!

Religion eases life, allowing replacing internal acts to correct #Ego with external ones for a reward in this and the future world. This helps discern egoism against the Creator’s property of bestowal. Hence, religions and practices are necessary to discern the Creator
From Twitter, 3/31/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/30/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The whole creation is HaVaYaH, 5 stages of the Creator’s act. Next, in order to become like Him, creation/HaVaYaH begins to split in particular types—to realize itself in regard to the Creator & gradually build ADAM out of itself—a system of similarity to the Creator

#Ego #Egoist
#Passover/Pesach – from “pa-sah,” a leap—from under the power of #selfishness toward the power of #altruism over oneself. With this begins one’s discovery of the concept of the #Upper_world, #Upper_force, folding into the image of the #Creator.

#Kabbalah #SpiritualWork_ML #Passover
Before the sensation of the upper world, man is in exile from it. At first, he does not feel his state as expulsion, but in the degree of the influence by the Reforming Light, he strives to bestow and reveal the opposite state, the #world.

We can’t sense spiritual property/bestowal unless in the 10 sefirot. This is the threshold of sensing oneself existing. The signal’s in us but it didn’t reach the awareness; the desire/brain does not react yet, doesn’t picture what’s happening. That’s the first 9 Sefirot.

Our whole life, our world, is a place of exile from the upper world. We don’t know this without feeling a different, correct reality. Only studying the wisdom of Kabbalah gradually tunes us to a correct vision of the world. The main discovery is that the world is one person!

Egoism is created by the Creator as opposite to Him, so that by developing it we use it contrarily. In egoism there’s the Creator’s force, which develops it and we have a spark of the Creator that allows us to format egoism in the form of the Creator, to become Adam—”similar.”

We are created as one desire. But after its breaking, we separated & rejection/egoism emerged among us. Without destroying egoism, we must build the connection that the ego itself will strengthen! This connection will be 613 times greater than the one created by the Creator!

#Egoist #Kabbalah #SpiritualWork
Egoism in Kabbalah is only that which prevents one from reaching the highest goal—revealing the Creator. Only the nature of man, which opposes unity with others & cares just for itself is called egoistic. And only now Kabbalah is correcting it.

#Ego #Kabbalah
The Creator created creation in the opposite property. It is a desire for self-gratification/egoism. It makes us conquer the world but drives us into a dead end. Ego was created specifically this way so that by developing contrarily to it we revealed the Creator

#Ego #Reality_ML
The spiritual world is present here. There is no barrier between the worlds. It is attained in the property of bestowal that we need to develop in ourselves, above our egoism. #Kabbalah is meant to bring everyone to the sensation (unveiling) of the upper world.

By deceiving people, you deceive the Creator. After all, except you, there’s only the Creator. The Creator wished that man felt existing separately. Except this, everything is filled with the Creator. Hence, by #grieving others, one grieves the Creator. (Baal HaSulam)

Everyone causes the rise or fall of the #world, for the particular and the general are equal. What’s in the general is in the particular and particulars form a common. The general will be known only when the particulars are revealed. So, the actions of each affect everyone.
From Twitter, 3/30/18

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Toward Good Relationships

laitman_283.01Question: From what must humanity eventually despair?

Answer: From the fact that it wants to build a good life through egoistic attitudes. This is impossible. Humanity must despair of this and choose a completely different path.

Question: Does the Creator not want us to live well?

Answer: The Creator wants us to live well on the highest, eternal, and most perfect level.

Question: To do this, do you need to reach the lowest level? After all, in the past humanity somehow progressed with egoism.

Answer: Humanity progressed by developing the ego; therefore, it felt that it was growing and developing. Now, the ego has developed and reached its final state. Baal HaSulam clearly felt that this is the last generation, and today we are in a process of the disintegration of egoism. It is only a matter of time.

I hope that in 2018 we will discover the complete inadequacy of egoism and the necessity to rise above it, and we will choose a completely new source of existence—bestowal.

Question: Is this about inner awareness?

Answer: The world does not change at all. This was said even in the days of Maimonides. Only our mutual relationships change.

Question: Does this mean that we can live for 200 years and technologies will continue to develop?

Answer: Everything will change, but only as a result of good relations between us instead of the current selfish ones. Then we will see a completely new world. So, let’s direct our thoughts toward this together and see it in the new year!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Earth: The Last Years Of Life

laitman_746.01Remark: American and British scientists submitted an official report to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States that the Earth will become unfit for life by 2200-2400, regardless of the estimated decline in population growth by 2100.

Experts point to the danger of climate change, unavoidable due to the increase in energy consumption, which will continue even with the greenhouse gas emission reduction into the atmosphere. In addition, there are other global risks. (Kathmandu Tribune) Following in the same direction, Stephen Hawking has recently suggested finding a new home for humanity in space. (NBC News)

My Comment: The problem is that such projects are unrealistic. People are inextricably linked with this planet by an invisible “umbilical cord.” We are a single whole, we are intertwined with it with an infinite number of threads and we cannot function without it.

But let’s say, for example, that we moved to Mars. What happens next? We will pollute it or squeeze out all of its resources, just as we did with the Earth. And besides, we will face personal and social problems because having changed the place of residence, we would not have changed our nature. So, what will we do? Will we roam from planet to planet escaping ourselves? It won’t help.

We bring death around us because this is our nature. “Death” is the egoism that wants to devour everything. It enjoys that it destroys everything around. We will not survive on any planet. After all, we do not know how to take into account the global nature and its basic laws.

We take into account only what is beneficial and convenient for us. This very attitude is already destructive for the Earth because it poisons the common planetary system.

The negative charge of egoism is what really shakes the noosphere. Growing imbalances in society, among people, undermine the balance in everything. What is the future preparing for us? In the worst case, after going through the hardest suffering—up to nuclear winter and other anti-utopian “delights”—we will finally realize the need to get rid of egoism.

Then people will finally rise above their egoistic nature and correct this Earth, ceasing to pollute and ruin it in all kinds of ways. After all, the Earth has great regenerative potential. It can recover if people stop harming it and if they accept the laws of nature that establish interaction, harmony, and homeostasis.

In other words, having risen above egoism, we will be as if on another planet, which heals the wounds and relates to us benevolently. Then we would not have to go anywhere. We will find that if we give up self-love, then everything will serve our prosperity. And there is only one question left: Why not do it right now?
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/23/18

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“Truth Is In The Disclosed Lie”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/1/18

Truth is in the disclosed lie. Manipulation and exploitation lurk in the concealed lie.

If in the past, external behavior differed from internal behavior, today we find ourselves acting more directly and to the point. We will tell the truth to another person’s face, directly, sharply, honestly, even rudely, and this behavior is much closer to the raw egoistic nature underlying our every motive.

The world has matured and can no longer tolerate phoniness. Political correctness, proper etiquette, and gentlemanliness, which aim at presenting a respectful outer covering to our true intentions, have become old-fashioned. They have become the laughingstock of comedies, and the reason diplomats attend a lot less formal events than in the past. Diplomats have themselves become a lot more open, aggressive, and shameless in their demeanor. In terms of the media, fake news has also helped surface a widespread nausea with being lied to and taken advantage of.

Today’s disclosure of lies is a sign that the world is shedding its skin. We are developing toward a more fundamental and realistic self-examination, that we are all under the control of a purely egoistic nature. The ego stimulates each one of us to engage in our self-aimed enjoyment, without considering others. Therefore, a truth-seeking individual is one who gains awareness of the lies that navigate his or her self-oriented goals at the expense of others.

However, after we discover that we are naturally great liars, how can this then help us form new and improved relationships? It can help us by clarifying the flawed place in our current relations that we have to correct. Then, we will be able to learn how to improve our corrupt connections and re-establish them as more sublime connections, ones that are supportive, considerate, qualitative and balanced with nature’s integral laws.


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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/2/18

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Rabash, Vol.2, Article 41 

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 1, Item 3

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 3, Article 380

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