Earth Can Be Heaven

Laitman_715Question: Stephen Hawking continues to popularize himself. Now, he proposes to build colonies on the Moon and Mars where we would need to resettle as a result of climate change on Earth or the fall of a meteorite.

What do you think about these statements? Are we going somewhere?

Answer: I did not expect such a stretch of imagination from such a serious scientist who is the head of Newton’s department.

Of course, it is good to build laboratories on the Moon or on Mars to “saddle” some kind of a comet or a meteorite. The fact that he calls for resettlement elsewhere is no good at all. People do not know how much they are connected with the Earth.

We are connected with the Earth with all of our properties! We change even when we move from place to place on Earth. Facial features, character… everything changes. Compare, for example, the Jews who lived in Russia in the European part and those who lived in Central Asia. This is the power of the Earth! It is said that changing place changes fate and luck.

I believe that scientists do that to get good funding, create laboratories, and learn more about the universe. It is good. In fact, I do not think that someone thinks about moving somewhere else seriously.

If there is no life on Earth, will it be in another place? Here, we have excellent conditions, but we have already polluted the Earth so badly that we do not want to live on it anymore. And what will happen in another place? Is this how we will deal with all celestial bodies?

Comment: Once, you said that the garbage orbiting in space will be the monument to humanity.

Answer: And it is already so. If someone watched us from outer space, they would understand that they shouldn’t do business with us just by looking at the rubbish. They would say, “Look what they did to the nearest space!”

Question: I want to ask you as a Kabbalist: how can we master the Earth so that there will be no desire to move anywhere else?

Answer: People who have polluted the Earth must correct themselves. After all, the Earth can be heaven.

Question: So, will there be enough space and the ecology will be better?

Answer: This is not about that. The fact is that according to the parameters of inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, the Earth is an ideal place for us because we grew and developed on it.

But when man on the Earth began to develop egoistically, he began to oppose himself to nature and the Earth, and as a result, systematically and consistently spoiled the environment. And here, we must correct ourselves.

Therefore, we need to take care of our own development along with financing scientific development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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