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Ascend To The Level Of The Creator

laitman_744Question: The Creator wants enjoyment on account of our correction in which we receive for His sake and that we will attain this at any price. Therefore, the Creator is the greatest egoist. Is this the level of altruism we must achieve?

Answer: The Creator is the characteristic of absolute goodness. It can be said of Him that He is the greatest altruist or egoist, yet this is just one unchanging characteristic. The Creator is the nature in which we are found.

We are immersed within a “black bubble” whose characteristic is absolute egoism, and we need to gradually get out of it.

The desire of the Creator is to bestow. We cannot wonder whether He is an egoist or not because there is nothing in Him except for a desire to bestow. The Creator is only a desire to bestow and all of His creations are only a desire to receive. We were created this way intentionally to be His opposite, otherwise we would not be called creations, meaning separated from the Creator.

To be like the Creator, to attain the same level and to serve with identical happiness, with fulfillment, our desire to receive must receive only with an intention for the sake of bestowal; it will then be equal with the level of the Creator, even though having a characteristic opposite His, a nature of reception not bestowal.

Therefore, our work is summed up as the acquisition of an intention. To the degree that our intention is to bestow, we can use the desire to receive as much as we want because then our actions will be directed toward bestowal and we will be like the Creator, equal to Him, understanding Him, and fulfilled like Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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What And How To Ask The Creator

laitman_236_01Question: What should I ask from the Creator for a friend and how should I do it?

Answer: If I don’t feel the particular needs and urgencies of a friend, then all of us have one need: we want to unite and discover the “Creator” in this unity. This is the request that I must ask for myself, for the friends, and for the entire group. This is a general, common, and constant turning toward the Creator.
From the talk at a videoconference with the Learning Center students, 5/21/17

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Do Not Run Away From Egoistic Desires

laitman_528_01Question: Is it possible to approach spirituality by refraining from fulfilling desires like wealth and control? Is it possible to fulfill myself by feeling these desires through work in a group of Ten?

Answer: No. First, we need to move through many different egoistic possibilities: wealth, control, respect, all kinds of pleasures. There is nowhere to escape from this.

In order to push a person to correction, it is specifically these desires that develop in a person and then he must rise above them.

Therefore, I don’t believe that it is up to us to run away from any desires and classify them as necessary and unnecessary, good and bad desires. It is not necessary to be engaged with them; rather, one should be involved with maximal attraction of the upper Light within the group, with entry into the first spiritual level. This is what we are involved with every day in the morning lessons.

Despite our yearning for spirituality, various desires and problems increase for us all the time: financial, familial, health, and others.

We cannot run away from them anywhere, and we must simultaneously act and understand that the solution to spiritual problems always happens on a background of material problems.

The more we advance it will become more and more understood by us that we need to rise above all these problems, and then they will be solved very simply.

Suppose that some problem pops up and it is clear that it appeared because you didn’t work on the connection with the friends enough; if you deepen the connection, then the material problem will begin to disappear.
From the Webinar 5/21/17

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“Until There Is No Hunger Or Thirst In The Entire World”

laitman_240One should work for the well-being of people as much as one can and even more than one’s ability, if needed, until there is no hunger or thirst in the entire world. (Baal HaSulam, The Writings Of The Last Generation).

We do not understand the mindset of a person who is advancing to this state. He sees in the whole world the acts of the Creator, which he must correct and thus achieve adhesion with Him.

Therefore, at the first stage, love for the neighbor becomes a tool for achieving this great stage of eternity, infinity, and perfection for him. And he strives for it. And when he begins to deal with this, he sees that in fact it is not a tool, but a field of activity in which he merges with the Creator.

It is written: “One should work for the well-being of people as much as one can and even more than one’s ability, if needed…” This means that I can ask and pray to new forces and new opportunities for the benefit of others, not for my own sake.

I do not care about myself at all, because being in bestowal, I am sure that I will always have necessities. I just do not think about it, and I am only busy giving to society.

Question: What does the phrase “until the hunger and thirst disappear in the world” mean?

Answer: This means that until basic egoistic needs disappear, people desire to fill themselves. Being engaged only in bestowal, they will stop thinking about it, and the world will move to a different state. And spiritual hunger and thirst will not disappear anywhere. On the contrary, they will increase, infinitely.

Question: Won’t a person even think about his basic necessities?

Answer: These necessities will disappear. We will move to a state in which there is no food, nor this world, nor our ordinary physiology because selfish needs will disappear; they will be overridden by love and mutual participation between us. This world will disappear from our sensations. Baal HaSulam writes about this in many articles.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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