“Until There Is No Hunger Or Thirst In The Entire World”

laitman_240One should work for the well-being of people as much as one can and even more than one’s ability, if needed, until there is no hunger or thirst in the entire world. (Baal HaSulam, The Writings Of The Last Generation).

We do not understand the mindset of a person who is advancing to this state. He sees in the whole world the acts of the Creator, which he must correct and thus achieve adhesion with Him.

Therefore, at the first stage, love for the neighbor becomes a tool for achieving this great stage of eternity, infinity, and perfection for him. And he strives for it. And when he begins to deal with this, he sees that in fact it is not a tool, but a field of activity in which he merges with the Creator.

It is written: “One should work for the well-being of people as much as one can and even more than one’s ability, if needed…” This means that I can ask and pray to new forces and new opportunities for the benefit of others, not for my own sake.

I do not care about myself at all, because being in bestowal, I am sure that I will always have necessities. I just do not think about it, and I am only busy giving to society.

Question: What does the phrase “until the hunger and thirst disappear in the world” mean?

Answer: This means that until basic egoistic needs disappear, people desire to fill themselves. Being engaged only in bestowal, they will stop thinking about it, and the world will move to a different state. And spiritual hunger and thirst will not disappear anywhere. On the contrary, they will increase, infinitely.

Question: Won’t a person even think about his basic necessities?

Answer: These necessities will disappear. We will move to a state in which there is no food, nor this world, nor our ordinary physiology because selfish needs will disappear; they will be overridden by love and mutual participation between us. This world will disappear from our sensations. Baal HaSulam writes about this in many articles.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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