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Generations X, Y, and Z, Part 1

laitman_269Question: Generations come and replace each other, while each brings its own distinctive approach, relation to reality, and perception of life. And especially recently in our rapidly changing world, it becomes noticeable how the person himself is changing.

Every few years there is a new type of people with new goals and lifestyle. The generation of “baby boomers” is those born after the Second World War who are now 50-70 years old. Then comes the generation of those who are now 40-50 called “generation X.”

“Generation Y,” which is 20 to 40 years old, and “Generation Z,” which are 10 to 20 years old, and the last generation, for which there are no letters left, will probably return to the beginning of the alphabet and become “generation A.”

Each generation was formed under the influence of certain events that qualitatively changed its nature: social causes, wars, economic crises, and technological breakthroughs. Do you feel a qualitative difference between generations, and what it is?

Answer: Kabbalah does not study such differences between generations and does not take them into account. It explains to a person the reality, its perception, and teaches him to comprehend the true world that is outside of man. He begins to understand where he is and what happens to us before birth and after death in dimensions that are higher than time and space.

But Kabbalah does not investigate generations X, Y, or Z; after all, it talks about a person’s egoism, which even though it varies from generation to generation, it does not do so qualitatively. Kabbalah is engaged in changing the nature of man, and therefore is indifferent to which generation he belongs. Whether he came to study at 20, 40, or 60, his original form of perception is not important because Kabbalah changes his perception and approach to life.

Kabbalah is designed to give a person the right guidance, the correct view of reality—the only one, clear, eternal, and unchanging from generation to generation. Today it is the same as it was 6,000 years ago. This is the same method in which there is nothing to change.

Man changes with the course of history in his material, animal properties. But Kabbalah does not take them into account because its task is to develop the human in him, a new individuality that is higher than all generations of X, Y, or Z.

Question: Why then does the book Bereshit speak about ten generations from Adam to Noah?

Answer: Ten generations from Adam to Noah are stages in the development of the spiritual structure raised by man above his egoism. A person engaged in his inner correction, building a soul, passes certain levels of development, called a transition from generation to generation. But we are talking about spiritual progress.

From this point of view, generations are different as far as they awaken a person to the search for spiritual development. For example, the generation of ancient Babylon was pretty developed in this sense and so it gave rise to all of humanity, to the entire human civilization.

After the outbreak of the crisis,  a group came out of Babylon, later called the people of Israel, which was solely raising itself above all corporeal life. In this case, external, material conditions awakened the demand, the need for spiritual elevation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/18/17

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Start Preparing For Family Life From Early Childhood

Laitman_049_03Question: From what age should we begin to prepare adolescents for family life and what exactly does this education consist of?

Answer: We think that matrimony is something exceptional. But, in reality, it is just a form of connection between people. We should start educating children about the art of connecting with others from two to three years of age.

A very young child doesn’t know how to play with anyone else. But at around two to three years of age, he begins to play with other children, and then it is necessary to teach him how to be in correct contact with others. The methodology for this includes roundtables, connection exercises, mutual concession, and games. The child needs to understand how to use these correctly.

Connection is when I can unite with another through all of my desires, all my aspiration; I can unite with one other, two, ten, or a larger society. And as children mature, this understanding must be expanded. It needs to be explained that connections exist between sexes and the new growing desires in us also need to be used for appropriate connection with others.

When suddenly sexual interests appear—that divide all people into men and women, into those who are close and those that are distant, into those he loves and those he doesn’t—he must know how to use these interests for the right kind of connection to society. The science of Kabbalah teaches how to achieve this right kind of connection and appreciate the importance of various forms of rejection and attraction.

This needs to be studied, and I would make this education compulsory for everyone because it is obvious that without it we lose a great deal in life.
From the lesson “Time Of Kabbalah,” 6/20/2017

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Robots Will Replace Us

Laitman_117Comment: We have said repeatedly that robots will replace people. In fact they are already doing so where ever possible: they cook eggs, make cocktails, pour coffee, and work in industrial assembly lines.

My Comment: I am looking forward to the day that robots will be dentists. I will be the first to make an appointment.

Question: Would you let a robot dentist treat you?

Answer: Of course, today robots perform surgery in a meticulous mathematical manner according to an algorithm.

Comment: This means that they don’t feel anger and are under no pressure that can affect the quality of their work, like quarrels between a husband and a wife.

My Comment: Nothing affects them. It is amazing what we have come to. Now all we have to do is free man to actually engage in being a human being. Robots will work instead of us and we will engage in what a human being can and needs to engage in.

Question: Robots are replacing people today. Do you see the upper plan in that?

Answer: Certainly. Humanity began to replace man with animals, donkeys, horses, decades ago. Why shouldn’t we continue to replace people with machines, with metal? Man can be free to perform his major work, which only he can and must perform, his own correction, and through that, the correction of the whole world. A person should understand that he is transcending the framework of the beast and the framework of the robot and ascends above them to the human level.

Question: As a Kabbalist, can you describe the future?

Answer: In the future man will not do anything physical in our world. Machines will totally serve him, while man will engage only in developing connections between people from heart to heart. Thus, he will build the general soul in which he will feel increasingly upper worlds and will transcend to a totally different world. This is man’s work. Machines will provide everything else.

Question: Can we conclude, based on what you say, that as robots enter our life, the preparation phase of humanity ends and the transition to the next level begins?

Answer: Yes. We are nearing the reality in which man will not have to do anything. You cannot imagine that robots will begin to do everything in this world, like composing music, theater, and everything that you know. Everything that used to be done by man will be a poor version of what robots will do.

Question: Does this mean that all our feelings will be focused on becoming human?

Answer: Yes. This includes science, art, and literature. All of man’s current activities will be done by robots. Man will only enjoy what he creates in the upper world, because this is the only thing that is given to him.

Good luck! I hope all of you will have a good robot that can create everything you need and free you to perform your spiritual work. This is what the future holds for us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/17

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Master Of Your Destiny

Laitman_709Request from Facebook: I understood that our world is branches and they have roots. I read a lot of information about our world being managed, that the human brain gets orders from outside. Please explain about the law of branch and root, if it is possible and not complicated.

Answer: According to the law of branch and root, all the signals of control, all the orders, are created at a higher level than this world. Our world is a world of deeds. The upper world is a system of management in which the orders for our world are created and we carry them out subconsciously, even without realizing it. We suddenly feel that some thought, some kind of desire, action, result, or event appears. There is nothing that just happens in nature; everything is closed and everything is rational.

The question is whether there is a link back, a response that returns to the higher management, which we can replace. It is reasonable that this is so.

The more that we become like the higher management, the better the orders are that begin to descend upon us because the higher management will have no need to break us. Our nature and the nature of the higher management will become closer to each other, and then the orders will enter into us in a very logical and orderly manner.

We will begin to carry them out easily and smoothly and will act in accordance with the higher management. To do this, it is up to us to change our nature from a receptive and egoistic nature to a bestowing and altruistic nature.

The nature of the upper world and all of creation is like that, except for humans. A human is an egoist, while all the rest of nature is not. He is mutually connected to one single system and we must become integrated with it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this. If we gradually begin to integrate into nature, then we see how all actions and events, all the orders from the higher management will be more pleasant and desirable for us.

Comment: Now almost all scientists say that we are found within a matrix, that our brain is managed, but they don’t know anything beyond that….

My Comment: They don’t understand this system, they don’t feel it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is good at this because it emotionally inserts the person into the feeling of the higher system and then he understands that he can ascend and enter into its “managerial cell.” In any case, people will be obliged to do this, but the wisdom of Kabbalah will make it possible for them to realize it smoothly and rapidly, without waiting for tragic awakenings from above.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/25/17

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A Guest And A Host, Malchut And Keter

laitman_600_04Question: Baal HaSulam has a very nice example about a guest and a host. Can you please explain the example with regard to the ten Sefirot?

Answer: We cannot feel the shared experiences of the guest and the host yet, when the host, through spiritual states, fills the guest through his desire and at the same time with his attitude.

If the host had wanted only to please the guest, he would have created only a desire in him and would have filled it. Such a desire is called the still, vegetative, or animate nature and the guest would have had no other feelings.

The moment other feelings emerge in the guest, he begins to feel the host not simply like a dog who feels his master, but actually him as the one who bestows and himself as the one who receives.

This is not enough since the host wants the guest to enjoy and bestows unto him with all His heart. This is the reason that the feeling of shame does not emerge immediately in the guest; his attributes have to be further developed until they are expressed in the eight Sefirot in Malchut. Then he is able to feel the Sefira of Keter and to understand that he is different from the host and that he cannot receive because then he would be opposed to and opposite from the host in his attributes.

This is a problem. If I receive, I am opposed to and opposite from Him, detached and different from Him. While He is high, bestows, a source of pleasure and loving, I am so lowly that I love only what I receive and I am totally immersed in it.

Thus the feeling of Keter (the host) appears in Malchut and the feeling of itself, and it cannot tolerate that. Not knowing what to do, it simply refuses to accept.

There are different emotional explanations of the state in which Malchut begins to feel all the Sefirot that preceded it, the whole attitude of the host, of the Creator, to it, and so naturally it restricts itself and ceases to receive. This is its first move.

Having swallowed the Light, Malchut begins to perceive the attributes of Keter, of what is concealed in it. It begins to feel that by receiving, it becomes opposite from the Light. The Light bestows absolutely whereas Malchut receives absolutely, and thus the feeling of shame, which was intentionally created by the Creator, emerges in it, and it is so great that it causes Malchut to cease to receive. This is called Tzimtzum – Restriction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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Knowing The Creator’s Mind

laitman_276_02Question from Facebook: How can we know the Creator’s mind?

Answer: The only way we can know the upper mind is through His creation, through the actions that He performs on us. In fact, the whole world, everything that we discover through the wisdom of Kabbalah: the five upper worlds, the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), and everything that happens there is the Creator’s thought.

Question: Can we attain the Creator’s mind in our world?

Answer: It is impossible to understand anything this way. Our world is not even part of the worlds I have mentioned before. It is imaginary and fictitious and exists only in our imagination. It actually does not exist; at the moment, we are in a kind of a dream. The moment we enter the upper world, this world will disappear.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/23/16

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“And There, You Shall Build An Altar To The Lord”

laitman_625_01Torah, Deuteronomy 27:05: And there, you shall build an altar to the Lord, your God, an altar of stones. You shall not wield any iron upon them.

“Iron” is an egoistic state of a person that one cannot use. Everything that we produce for bestowal should be made with clean hands.

Torah, Deuteronomy 27:06: You shall build the altar of the Lord, your God, out of whole stones. And on it, you shall offer up burnt offerings to the Lord, your God.

The whole stones were always used for the foundation of the masonry of a Temple—huge blocks of hundreds of tons, 12 – 18 meters in length. Today, we are unable to move them from place to place, and previously they were not only laid, but also brought from the quarry that was located tens of kilometres from Jerusalem.

It is not clear how they were delivered there, laid on top of each other with great accuracy without any padding, and how they were cut, raised, and laid. After all, today we practically do not have such equipment. However, everyone can see the foundation of the Jerusalem wall. It is amazing!

Comment: It is said that the Jews practiced on the erection of the Egyptian pyramids.

Answer: Everything was different in Egypt. They used relatively small blocks of limestone, a soft stone that is very easy to process. However, here it is just inconceivable.

To build an altar from whole stones means not putting any tools on it. I am not a specialist either in archaeology or in construction; I just know how it happens inside a person: in order for his original, integral desires to receive the correct form, they must be framed into the correct intentions and used this way.

In no case can we distort the natural qualities of a person, his intentions and motivations, even the most horrible ones if they exist. There cannot be any coercion. After all, all these qualities can be used for bestowal only with the help of the upper Light.

Framing the stones with the help of the upper Light was the art of Betzalel, who built the altar.

A sacrifice, Kurban (from the word Lehitkarev, approximation) means that we bring our egoism, convert it to the quality of bestowal and love, and get closer to the Creator this way.

Therefore, we must correct in ourselves only natural, primordial egoistic desires that we received from the shattering of the soul of Adam.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/21/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/11/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Period of ‘Between the Straits'”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Exile and Redemption”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “One Commandment”

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