Robots Will Replace Us

Laitman_117Comment: We have said repeatedly that robots will replace people. In fact they are already doing so where ever possible: they cook eggs, make cocktails, pour coffee, and work in industrial assembly lines.

My Comment: I am looking forward to the day that robots will be dentists. I will be the first to make an appointment.

Question: Would you let a robot dentist treat you?

Answer: Of course, today robots perform surgery in a meticulous mathematical manner according to an algorithm.

Comment: This means that they don’t feel anger and are under no pressure that can affect the quality of their work, like quarrels between a husband and a wife.

My Comment: Nothing affects them. It is amazing what we have come to. Now all we have to do is free man to actually engage in being a human being. Robots will work instead of us and we will engage in what a human being can and needs to engage in.

Question: Robots are replacing people today. Do you see the upper plan in that?

Answer: Certainly. Humanity began to replace man with animals, donkeys, horses, decades ago. Why shouldn’t we continue to replace people with machines, with metal? Man can be free to perform his major work, which only he can and must perform, his own correction, and through that, the correction of the whole world. A person should understand that he is transcending the framework of the beast and the framework of the robot and ascends above them to the human level.

Question: As a Kabbalist, can you describe the future?

Answer: In the future man will not do anything physical in our world. Machines will totally serve him, while man will engage only in developing connections between people from heart to heart. Thus, he will build the general soul in which he will feel increasingly upper worlds and will transcend to a totally different world. This is man’s work. Machines will provide everything else.

Question: Can we conclude, based on what you say, that as robots enter our life, the preparation phase of humanity ends and the transition to the next level begins?

Answer: Yes. We are nearing the reality in which man will not have to do anything. You cannot imagine that robots will begin to do everything in this world, like composing music, theater, and everything that you know. Everything that used to be done by man will be a poor version of what robots will do.

Question: Does this mean that all our feelings will be focused on becoming human?

Answer: Yes. This includes science, art, and literature. All of man’s current activities will be done by robots. Man will only enjoy what he creates in the upper world, because this is the only thing that is given to him.

Good luck! I hope all of you will have a good robot that can create everything you need and free you to perform your spiritual work. This is what the future holds for us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/17

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