Start Preparing For Family Life From Early Childhood

Laitman_049_03Question: From what age should we begin to prepare adolescents for family life and what exactly does this education consist of?

Answer: We think that matrimony is something exceptional. But, in reality, it is just a form of connection between people. We should start educating children about the art of connecting with others from two to three years of age.

A very young child doesn’t know how to play with anyone else. But at around two to three years of age, he begins to play with other children, and then it is necessary to teach him how to be in correct contact with others. The methodology for this includes roundtables, connection exercises, mutual concession, and games. The child needs to understand how to use these correctly.

Connection is when I can unite with another through all of my desires, all my aspiration; I can unite with one other, two, ten, or a larger society. And as children mature, this understanding must be expanded. It needs to be explained that connections exist between sexes and the new growing desires in us also need to be used for appropriate connection with others.

When suddenly sexual interests appear—that divide all people into men and women, into those who are close and those that are distant, into those he loves and those he doesn’t—he must know how to use these interests for the right kind of connection to society. The science of Kabbalah teaches how to achieve this right kind of connection and appreciate the importance of various forms of rejection and attraction.

This needs to be studied, and I would make this education compulsory for everyone because it is obvious that without it we lose a great deal in life.
From the lesson “Time Of Kabbalah,” 6/20/2017

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