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My Thoughts On Twitter, 7/13/17


Faith—a belief in existence of a higher power. #Kabbalah—attainment of a higher power. As ppl develop, they go from faith to Kabbalah.

Reducing profit to zero signals the end of #capitalism. What follows is equality for all—as slaves of the elites, like in the USSR.

All of #EU countries are refusing immigrants, but won’t help prevent their deboarding in Italy. What an example of a united EU!

UNESCO reflects not the nations’ anti-Semitism, but our own self-hatred  #Opinion #JPost

From Twitter, 7/13/17

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Does The Ego Exist In The Spiritual World?

laitman_608_02Question: Does the ego grow after we transcend to spirituality?

Answer: Egoism as we know it does not exist in the spiritual world. It changes to altruism, to the opposite action, to benefit others. After the transition to spirituality, it works with the intention of in order to bestow unto others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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The Intention Is The Action

laitman_219_01Comment: Baal HaSulam says that it is actually our egoism that gives us the feeling of time. There is an action and its outcome, and it is the outcome that is important to us, not the pleasure from the action itself.

Answer: Egoism is the desire to receive, to take, to draw for yourself, to stretch the zero point to two different directions. This is how the concept of time is felt.

Question: If that’s the case, then there is no time in spirituality because a person enjoys only the action itself and does not wait for the outcome of his intention?

Answer: In spirituality the intention is the action.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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Why Is Zeir Anpin Made Of Six Parts?

laitman_548_03-jpgQuestion: Why is Zeir Anpin (ZA) made of six parts if it is supposed to be made of ten parts?

Answer: ZA is made of six parts because Keter, Hochma, and Bina precede it and it is born from Bina. When ZA is born, it lacks the first three Sefirot: Keter, Hochma, and Bina.

Therefore, it contains only six parts: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Then comes Malchut. This means that there are the first three Sefirot in the Partzuf, six Sefirot, and one more, which all together makes ten Sefirot.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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Combining Evil With Goodness

laitman_243_05It is written in the Torah that when the sons of Israel cross the Jordan, the six tribes will be standing on the Mount Gerizim and blessing people, and the other six tribes will be standing on the Mount Eival and cursing people. These are two lines: the right line and the left line.

The left line (curse) is in no way worse that the right one. We must move along the middle line, including both parts. After all, it is written, “I (the Creator) created evil and I created goodness to balance it.” If we match them with each other correctly, we will go along the middle line, combining evil with goodness.

Therefore, selecting goodness over evil, we select one over the other, but in no case one of the two. Otherwise, we will not exist as a creature. The absolutely egoistic creature dresses into an altruistic external form and exists in the upper world in this form.

It turns out that evil is the basis, which must be dressed into the correct gown.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/23/16

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The Work Of The Correction Of The World, Part 3

laitman_229Question: In the world there is a lot of corruption, deceit, unfairness, and inequality between those who have and have not—all of it stands in the way of normal life. Evidently, there are people who are more at fault for this than others, but what can be asked of a simple person?

Why do you insist that everyone has to correct themselves? Wouldn’t it be better to correct those in the position of power, so they would improve all our systems and make our lives better. What does a ordinary person have to do with this?

Answer: A simple person suffers without even knowing why. But the truth is that everyone is in charge of their egoism and will have to correct themselves.

Question: So why not correct only those who are the cause of the problem?

Answer: They are not the cause of the problem; the problem is the consequence of all of us. If we replace some people at the top, others who are no better will come to replace them. We need to correct the entire human society and then all the other levels: animal, vegetative, and inanimate will be corrected too because they all depend on man.

Question: What is so specific about each person that is detrimental to the whole system?

Answer: It is the human desire to build its success at the expense of another.

Question: But we try to help each other. There are so many humanitarian aid societies today and no one goes hungry. It looks like we care about each other and wish each other well?

Answer: The problem is that everyone judges according to their own opinion, and therefore is puzzled about why is it that we do so much good to each other, but the world keeps getting worse and worse? Apparently, we don’t know what it means to do good to each other, and what the system of nature requires of us. We don’t understand that we need to build a human society not based on our views, but according to the higher requirements, above the level of our egoistic mindsets, feelings, or philosophy.

Each person has his own understanding of what the ideal human society should look like. First, we must establish what the correct format of that society should be. We lack that understanding, and therefore we constantly enter into arguments, wars, and everyone thinks that they are in the right. Courts are overflowing with people trying to prove their convictions.

So who can give us the definition of the correct parameters of the world system for it to be an objective verdict, not someone’s opinion? After all, we all are corrupt egoists full of different stereotypes, and whether subconsciously or not, we always think only of ourselves and not of others.

That is why, the first thing we need to do is to determine the correct, objective form of the world system. And for that reason we need to turn to the science of Kabbalah, which explains what the upper force and the system of nature are and how can we become similar to it. For that is the only way we can come to a good life.

The upper force of nature is beyond us, and we cannot change it. However, we can change ourselves and bring us to harmony with it. The more we begin resembling its qualities, the better our lives will be.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/13/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/16/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Preparation for the Italy Convention 2017, Lesson 1

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Period of ‘Between the Straits”

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