The Indefatigable Growth Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanEgoism is created in us specifically so that we, through developing it, will achieve the possibility of free will and will begin to use it in spite of ourselves. Then we will attain the Creator.

The ego’s property of unlimited growth is an incredible attribute that does not exist in nature.

If I want something and taste it, I will want twice as much; if I consume twice as much, I will want four times as much, and so on. I constantly need to double my pleasure otherwise I cannot feel it as a pleasure.

This means that the Creator’s force is within the ego, and it keeps growing. This does not exist in the other levels of nature, but it does in our egoism. In man, in the fourth phase of development, after the the still, vegetative, and the animate levels, there is the Creator’s spark that is actually concentrated in the ego, which keeps growing exponentially.

Question: If a person enjoys the fact that others feel bad, does that mean that it is a real egoism?

Answer: Yes, when the filling is at the expense of others, I feel great pleasure. At the same time, my egoism exits my internal frameworks. A lion, for example, that devours a certain animal is satisfied and has no need for anything else. A man who devours one, looks for something else to devour.

This means that very big desires emerge in us and constantly demand renewal and are insatiable. On the contrary, the more you try to satisfy them, the hungrier you feel. If you satisfy the double egoism, you are four times as hungry, and so on, and it is impossible to do anything with such a bottomless pit.

Question: Does this apply to all of mankind?

Answer: It applies to all developed people. An underdeveloped human being is like an animal, like a baby, whom you give something and he is satisfied. A developed man, on the other hand, wants the whole world, and even that is not enough for him.

The desire to receive everything at the expense of others is a special kind of egoism. We can see the competition between rich and famous people, like artists, for example, who burn with envy of each other.

Question: But the Creator has created all that. How is that supposed to bring us closer to Him to reach His attributes?

Answer: It happens in a very bitter manner when a person begins to realize that he will attain no pleasure, will not be satisfied “till death do us part between me and my sack of gold.”

Question: Do you think that a kind, good hearted, gentle, honest person is an underdeveloped person?

Answer: Yes, he is not egoistically developed enough yet. But today, this can happen very quickly.
When a person begins to understand that there is no point chasing new fillings because they don’t satisfy him anyway, he begins to look for a substitute on a higher level and reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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