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My Thoughts On Twitter, 6/25/17


Raising Awareness about Gender Violence Is Not Even Half Its Cure #Violence

« Si tout va mal, c’est la faute des juifs »

From Twitter, 6/25/17

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Zuckerberg’s Speech at Harvard

Laitman_096In the News (Harvard Gazette): “He dropped out of College to chase a dream and returned 12 years later as leader of a company that has changed the world. His goal now, he says, is to make that world become a better place in which to live, work, laugh, love, and connect, and to encourage others to do the same.

“’Today I want to talk about purpose,’ he said. ‘But I’m not here to give you the standard Commencement about finding your purpose. We’re millennials. We try to do that instinctively. Instead, I’m here to tell you that finding your purpose isn’t enough. The challenge for our generation is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose.’ …

“That’s a critical goal in a time of everyday change, said Zuckerberg. Increasing automation means the loss of jobs that had helped a generation find its voice and frame its values. Similarly, community connections, which also helped connect and define prior generations of Americans, are slowly slipping away, often leaving people bereft of meaning and paths forward. …

“Zuckerberg outlined three ways that Harvard graduates and others can help foster a world where everyone has a sense of purpose. First, he suggested big projects that get lots of people involved. …

“’It is time for our generation-defining great works. How about stopping climate change before we destroy the planet, and getting millions of people involved in manufacturing and installing solar panels? How about curing all diseases and getting people involved by asking volunteers to track their health data and share their genomes? … How about modernizing democracy so everyone can vote online, and how about personalizing education so everyone can learn?’”

My Comment: What jobs does he think it is possible to create? None! Where can we find jobs for seven billion people?! It’s just a piece of rhetoric.

A sense of purpose is necessary. But it is not a sensation, rather, it’s a vision of the goal, its understanding, not just a goal as a mirage.

Comment: He believes that we can create a goal, that we can do it.

Answer: Throughout all of history, a person created a goal, then discarded it, replaced it with a new one, and got it wrong each and every time.

Comment: Mark Zuckerberg is a young guy who set a goal and managed to achieve it, and now he claims: “You can do it as well!”

Answer: He wanted to get rich—and he did it. And what purpose does he impose on people using his Facebook? Does he think that people should have a goal that he imposes on them?

Comment: He believes that he has a free tribune…

Answer: What kind of free tribune is there here?! If you get into this machine, you’ll see that everything is smeared there; everything is aimed at moving people to a specific goal that would give him the biggest profit – and nothing more.

Comment: He says: “We need a society that focuses more on education that lasts a lifetime.”

Answer: Not on schooling, but on education. Nobody needs just knowledge, it has not yet made a single person happy.

Speaking of education, I mean the transformation of a person who, through proper education, reveals for himself not our world, but the upper world—a system of management. And then he sees where all of nature is moving and chooses how to act together with it in the best way.

Question: How would you explain to him personally what the goal is?

Answer: The goal is to get out of the borders of our egoistic nature, to turn yourself inside out. And this cannot be done through any tricks. And you cannot persuade others to do this either.

It’s necessary just to patiently explain to people for a long time until they understand that the future of mankind is to rise above our nature to its next level—the level of “Adam” (Man).
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/8/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 176

laitman_564Question: To what degree is the Light in the world of Adam Kadmon stronger than the Light in the world of Atzilut? And what is the relationship of the power of the Light in our world in comparison to the world of Assiya?

Answer: There is no possibility of comparing the intensity of the Lights except to imagine them in relation to the development of a person and a beast.

Question: In the video “The True Reasons for the Fears of People,” you talk about the illumination of Malchut, and that this is felt as fear and as something terrible. Is it possible to say that Malchut illuminates from below to above, meaning that it illuminates but without the participation of Keter?

Answer: It is much more terrifying!

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The Main Impression From The Congress

laitman_939_02Question: I enjoy communicating with friends, but then I forget about all intentions. Is this such a disturbance?

Answer: There are different times: when I feel good and when I feel bad, when I forget and when I remember, and so on. They all add up together.

The main thing is not to worry. When you are at the congress among a lot of people, the situation itself constantly reminds you what you are participating in and what you are doing. You see, hear, and feel with your skin what is happening here. This is the main impression from the congress. The surrounding atmosphere influences you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/17

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Is It Possible To Influence A Person’s Perception?

Laitman_049_01Question: The more I listen to you, the more I understand that Kabbalah is Light. Through love of others, can people who are on a high spiritual level have an influence on a normal person’s emotional perception when he does not understand his spiritual state himself but only feels some kind of inner spiritual enthusiasm?

Answer: In fact, it is impossible to influence a person’s emotional perception because his spiritual state does not depend on his desire, but on his ability to rise above his ego.

Many people want spirituality, but are not ready to convince themselves that the meaning of a desire for spirituality is to rise above ourselves, above our ego. They are ready for anything except that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Reward And Punishment In Our Lives, Part 2

laitman_571_08Kabbalists do not perceive rewards and punishment as the general public does; they view them as reactions to them from the system. This is why they calmly receive any criticism or accusation as the system trying to help them to advance.

They do not attribute it to some specific individual, but only to the general system. And so the accusations that may seem to another as punishment, to a Kabbalist represent the material with which to work until it is experienced as a reward.

Question: How can it be considered a reward when a person is accused or shamed?

Answer: For many years now I have also been criticized, accused of deceit and a desire for power. But I understand that this criticism does not come from specific people who have some kind of freewill, but from the system. And therefore, I must receive this criticism in order to feel myself in exile.

Their behavior is appropriate because they help me in my correction, and as I progress toward correction, I feel these negative manifestations as positive. And if I feel them as negative, it is only because I am still not corrected in my certain inner qualities.

In other words, rewards and punishments from a natural and egoistic perception are entirely opposite to what is perceived by one who desires to advance, and is, therefore, relating to them above his own egoism.

For this reason, people who want to free themselves of their egoism, perceive all negative criticism toward them as a gift, given to them in the form of an opportunity to rise and to turn punishments into rewards because this means that the system is paying attention to me, gently and with care, as a mother raising a small child and teaching him good behavior.

Question: Like a mother who gives her child healthy food instead of a can of soda?

Answer: Yes, to receive blows is very healthy. They should not trigger resistance or defensive accusations, but rather an analysis: What specifically is triggering me, what are these qualities, thoughts, and desires in me? All these I need to correct in the exact place where I am experiencing the blow.

This is precisely what I need in order to rise from my egoistic state. If I feel the blow there, it means that there is still a calculation for personal benefit and I need to rise to a higher-level calculation.

Question: But don’t you want to receive a positive reaction from others?

Answer: I want to receive a positive reaction as an indicator that this quality in me has reached correction, not because I want to see that others around me became corrected. It is written, “Each judges according to their own flaws”, so when I correct myself, I will no longer experience blows. The system is built in such a way that then no one will criticize or accuse me any longer.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/2/17

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A Description Of Spiritual Communication

Laitman_137Torah, Deuteronomy, 25:11 – 25:12: If [two] men, a man and his brother, are fighting together, and the wife of one of them approaches to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she stretches forth her hand and grabs hold of his private parts you shall cut off her hand You shall not have pity.

In the Torah, there are things that cannot be explained in a rational way but only by connecting the spiritual parts of the soul, Partzufim, with each other.

And if a person does not know this, then all corporeal descriptions of spiritual communication look like medieval tales to him.

Question: What does it mean if men are fighting together?

Answer: This means there is no middle line, a contradiction. But this is not easy, we are talking about the levels of Aba ve Ima, Yeshsut. Everything happens inside a person.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/2/16

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