Answers To Your Questions, Part 173

laitman_281_02Question: Which of the following descriptions is closer to the truth?

1) There are wondrous worlds of Light beginning from Ein Sof, but our physical world (below Malchut) is so far from them that within it Gevura (severity) dominates over Hesed. Therefore, it is difficult for a person to see the Hesed (mercy) of the Creator and he suffers.

2) Even in the material world we are as “house guests” of the Creator. All events, even those which cause us suffering, are acts of Hesed from the Creator in relation to us.

Answer: Both descriptions are correct.

Question: As a beginning student, as far as it seems, I have finally understood what a Partzuf is, and I likewise thought that I understood, at least to some extent, the meaning of the Sefirot. Sometimes you call Partzufim by the names of Sefirot, which ultimately confuses me. The question is, why are the Partzufim called by the names of Sefirot, and what is a Sefira?

Answer: Every Sefira, when it grows, is revealed as a Partzuf.

Question: If a person prays to the Creator for something and expects the Creator to carry out this desire, can he say in a prayer that if he gets what he desires from the Creator, he will give pleasure to the Creator this way, or is this purely an egoistic approach?

Answer: Egoismmmm!

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One Comment

  1. Dearest Rav,

    I know you are preparing for congress so please forgive me for asking questions not on topic of congress. As to the wondrous worlds of Light described in this post, I need to know if I imagined. The word “Light” seems to be used to describe different levels of attainment or experiences. If a person “sees” light “dripping” from above and taking form, or lights that appear to be “filling” or “entering” himself is this necessarily his imagination? Also, are there “spiraling wheels” of light of various colors that a person will see with closed or open eyes?

    I feel these questions are somehow forbidden, but not directly to one’s Rav. I have never asked them before but I know what I experienced, and continue to experience although only during special “times”. At some point I need to come to terms with these things that I experience. I ask only for the sake of attaining the proper Wisdom. I have been told you do not communicate individually with your students but I know for a fact that you do, although by “other” means in my case. The Creator revealed things to me for a reason and I have so far not fully understood those reasons.

    I understand you will not post this question and it is not my intention for it to be posted. These are matters between a student and his Rav. You were able to communicate directly with your teacher. I only ask the same of you. I will await your response but whatever means you deem appropriate.

    Much love,

    Your devoted student,


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