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Shavuot: What Is The Oath of the Nation of Israel?

arava-convention_931-01.jpgQuestion from Facebook: I don’t understand a lot of what you say and write, but for some reason, I cannot tear myself away. Would you please explain what the oath is that the nation of Israel gave to the Creator as they stood at Mt Sinai, “We will do and we will hear.” Is this an oath of slaves?

Answer: Actually, it is an oath of slaves. We agree to enslave ourselves to a new principle of existence. We agree to do only that which is beneficial for the society which we, previous slaves of the Pharaoh, are now going to create and become slaves of the Creator. To be slaves of the Pharaoh means to work with an egoistic focus, egoistic desire. To become slaves of the Creator means to work with altruistic desire. Only one of these two can operate within the person. He can either become a conscious slave of the Pharaoh or a slave of the Creator.

Under no circumstances should we think that a slave is something negative. Even now, we are slaves. We are slaves all the time; we just don’t see who is our master. Our master is egoism. It spins us around, and we unconsciously carry out all its orders. It lives in us, constantly forcing us to worry, to think, to do something, and giving us unnecessary goals. And we, by doing all this, burn our lives and achieving nothing.

In reality, to be a slave means to be aware that you exist in nature, that you are controlled by desires and thoughts. You need to understand how these desires and thoughts can be corrected, how to change your master from the Pharaoh to the Creator, and in doing so, you achieve complete freedom, even though you are the slave of the Creator.

This is very interesting and, at the same time, an incomprehensible connection between slavery and freedom. In being a slave of the Creator, you gain freedom because you become a slave of the quality of bestowal and love. You rise above egoism, which no longer limits you in any way, and in this manner, you become free.

Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah, speaks to the fact that from this moment on, a person becomes free. He begins to acquire his freedom, reclaiming all that was in him under the rule of the Pharaoh and gradually correcting himself, pulling out all his egoistic desires, thoughts, and qualities, and changing them to their opposite, to altruistic.

Standing at Mt. Sinai means that we commit, we want, we are ready for anything, in order to receive the upper Light called Torah—the Light that Reforms reforms us to resemble the Creator. We want to receive it and we are ready for it. This is symbolized by standing at Mt Sinai.

Tremendous hatred and large contradictions are revealed along the way, and thanks to this revelation of all of our negative qualities and characteristics, we are ready to go toward any correction if only to rid ourselves of the ego.

This is the exact moment from which the nation of Israel is born, the moment we take the oath to be slaves of the Creator and we ask Him for this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/22/17

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How Can We Feed Hungry Children?

laitman_600_04Question: What can Kabbalists do to feed hungry children who die every five seconds somewhere on the planet?

Answer: Kabbalists cannot do anything, just like everyone else. The Creator gives all of us such states so that on their basis we will be able to attain the right relationship with each other—”love thy friend as thyself”—otherwise we will not be able to change the world. This means that we have to gradually advance toward that.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how to do it. If we tell other people about it and show them the method we are developing in Kabbalistic tens, we can be certain that the world will reach the revelation of the right state in a good way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Kabbalah And Family Relations

Laitman_725.jpgQuestion: They say that Kabbalists could bring the Godly presence between a husband and a wife. How can the wisdom of Kabbalah help in building relations in the family today and resolving conflicts?

Answer: Kabbalah gives advice as to how to treat each other properly, which refers to all of mankind, including a husband and a wife. If a couple properly interact with each other, they will be able to reveal the Creator between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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A Betrothed Girl

laitman_571_08Torah, Deuteronomy 22:25: But if a man finds the betrothed girl in the field, and the man overpowers her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die.

A betrothed girl is someone else’s desire that did not belong to a person at all and was not under his Masach (screen). And if he used this desire, it was necessarily in an egoistic way. “The betrothed girl” means a desire that has a common Masach (screen) with some other Masach, and therefore the use of this desire will be most probably egoistic. By being in contact with such a desire, a person “kills” himself—his Masach, tuned for bestowal, turns into reception and breaks.

“Field” is the absence of any external circumstances that could stop a person. In this case, the woman can not resist by herself.

Torah, Deuteronomy 22:26 – 22:27: Whereas to the girl, you shall do nothing the girl did not commit a sin deserving of death, for just as a man rises up against his fellow and murders him, so is this case. Because he found her in the field. The betrothed girl had cried out, but there was no one to save her.

On the girl herself (the desire), there is no sin, but corrections should be performed, because it fell under the use of an entirely different Masach, which broke under the circumstances.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/16

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