Answers To Your Questions, Part 170

laitman_559Question: We are living in a very difficult but meaningful period. How can a person who aspires for the Creator look calmly at how the herd is destroyed? After all, he values it, pities it, although he himself becomes part of it. Is the only way to seriously influence the absurd is for a seed to fall on the ground when it is young so that it can sprout?

Answer: No one does anything independently. It is the upper force that performs everything in order to bring a person to the recognition of the truth and to get closer to it.

Question: Why do people torture each other and behave violently to animals? Why does the Creator allow such behavior? What is the root of this behavior and what solution do you see to this problem as a Kabbalist?

Answer: The entire correction of the world comes down to the correction of man alone, through integral education.

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