Twelve Tribes In One Nation, Part 3

Twelve Tribes in One Nation, Part 3Question: Why all the tribes of the people of Israel have clear boundaries and shouldn’t mix with each other?

Answer: Israel is one nation that walked in the desert together, but each in his own place, with his own flag. This is how we need to advance, the way they went from Mount Sinai to the Land of Israel, organized by the tribes, each with its flag and in the correct connection with others.

And it’s not about the march through material desert, but about the way to progress in spirituality.

There is a Hollywood movie that shows how the Jews walk in the desert simply one after another, but this is a wrong image. In the spiritual advancement each of the twelve tribes must maintain the correct relationship with others and all the time remain connected: four tribes on the right, four tribes on the left, and four tribes in the middle: HaVaYaH + HaVaYaH + HaVaYaH.

This entire structure must be preserved. When everyone experiences hindrances and the collective egoism rises, everyone has to make sure that we grow together, in the same form, remaining in the same perception, in the same matrix, just at the increasingly higher level.

Question: Why marriages between the tribes were forbidden?

Answer: Because it is necessary to preserve the initial HaVaYaH, the shape of the vessel. The whole nation is like one body. If the body is built in a certain way: head, trunk, arms, and legs, then it is impossible to mix an arm with a leg.

Question: These are not arms and legs, but people!

Answer: If people from the different tribes will mix, it is even worse than mixing an arm with a leg. It is impossible to mix the brain from the head and the bone marrow from arms and legs. Each of us was created with the specific features, like organs of a material body, and therefore all together we are similar to one organism, one person. The different tribes of Israel are like different organs of one body.

Question: It is still unclear why two people can’t get married?

Answer: When we speak about the tribes of Israel it isn’t about people, but about the organs of one spiritual body, which is the people of Israel. Yet, with the physical bodies you can do anything you want; the Torah doesn’t speak about them at all.

All the tribes should support each other, as it is written, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Question: Why then they are fenced off from each other and given their own allotment?

Answer: How can I help another tribe if I don’t belong exactly to the tribe that was assigned to me? Let’s say that you belong to the tribe of Naphtali, and I belong to Zebulun.

Each tribe has its own specific spiritual work and I can help another only if I realize myself exactly like Zebulun and you as Naphtali. And for the tribes of Asher and Gad I must do different work and provide different support, and they in return to me.

Imagine twelve people who are in the group, but each of them has their own soul. If we try changing it, we only spoil it. Therefore, we shouldn’t change anyone, but only connect between us. None of us has any flaws, the fault is only in the connection between us and therefore, we need to pay attention only to it, work on it and correct it, in order to reveal the upper force within the corrected connection.
From KabTV’s “New Life” 12/1/16

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