Twelve Tribes In One Nation, Part 2

Twelve Tribes of One Nation, Part 2The division of the people of Israel into the twelve tribes is not artificial, rather it comes from the depths of nature itself. This nation is built in similarity to the upper force and therefore, precisely by keeping all the differences between all the tribes and through their correct connection, they reach the state called Shechina, which is the collective desire of the entire nation, which is able to reveal within itself the upper force, the Creator.

Therefore twelve characteristic differences in their nature are very important and had to be preserved in the most pedantic way.

Each group and each person includes in itself four different layers of egoism. The smallest egoism is the inanimate level, the vegetative level is a higher egoism, the animate level is even higher, and human has the biggest egoism. The four letter name of the Creator or HaVaYaH is defined by these four levels.

Question: Egoism is a negative quality, so how can it define the Creator’s name?

Answer: Egoism is a negative quality when it is used egoistically. However, if we use egoism in the opposite form and connect with others above our egoism, it turns into a place of our connection. Without egoism, stubbornness, rejection, and strong desires we are worth nothing. That’s why it is written, “the bigger is the person, the bigger is his egoism.”

Thus, we can’t say that egoism is a negative quality. It is negative only to the extent that it separates us from each other. However, if we use it correctly, it becomes our “helper against itself.”

Question: Why people divide into groups exactly by the qualities of their egoism?

Answer: The will to receive is our entire nature, our substance, we have nothing else. The correct use of our substance enables us to work with it.

Initially all of man’s qualities are negative and therefore it is said that the Creator created the evil inclination. However, if we can work with these qualities in a positive form, we turn the evil inclination into a good one.

There is no good inclination within us from nature. It appears only when we can work with the egoistic qualities in a positive form. The biggest egoist has an opportunity to be either the biggest villain or the greatest saint.

However, the tribes of the people of Israel differ not only by the quantitative measure of egoism (big or small), but also by its quality and character. All the tribes are very different, therefore it is very important to use each of them according to its source and only to the extent of their synchronous growth, keeping the balance between them on each degree.

This is the correct definition for the development of the people of Israel. If we kept it from the moment we arrived on this land and developed here, everything would have been fine. However, the fact is that we achieved the correct connection between us during the period of the First Temple and then had to connect with the entire world. This was the reason for the fall and the breaking, for the so-called “destruction of the Temple,” meaning of the correct connection between us.

And now, after the nation of Israel has incorporated within itself all the nations of the world, we must rise together. During this ascent each person will discover their in the nation, their tribe. Although we all have many mixed qualities, they are just material ones for we didn’t work in the spiritual sense, we fell from the spiritual world. And mixing with all the nations of the world on the material level isn’t so important.
From KabTV’s “New Life” 12/1/16

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