Twelve Tribes In One Nation, Part 1

Twelve Tribes In One Nation, Part 1Question: The nation of Israel was founded on the principle of unity and it has to be as one man with one heart. However, the nation consisted of 12 tribes that were separated to such an extent that even marriages between them were forbidden.

Each of them had its own purpose: solders, workers, scientists, traders, shepherds, peasants, and clergymen. Where did such a division come from in the nation that is founded on unity?

Answer: This division exists precisely because the people of Israel are founded on unity. After all, if we want to unite, we don’t erase any personal characteristics of a person, tribe, or nation. On the contrary, as we advance further, the uniqueness of each one is enhanced and expressed more.

We are called one nation when we can unite above all these differences and incorporate them into our union. The connection should be so special that no difference is erased or disappears in it. This is the very first condition because we check the correctness of the union precisely by the fact whether or not love covers all transgressions.

The differences remain, but love reconciles them. All the beauty and the power of love are determined exactly by the preserved differences. It’s similar to how spices, such as salt and pepper, sharpen and emphasize the taste of food. Or like a married couple that sometimes needs a quarrel to feel the strength of their connection with each other.  

If we just want to erase all the differences, it doesn’t work as we see from the example of the European Union and a large number of divorces. We don’t know how to connect people so that all their characteristics are preserved together with the connection. Such a connection is called the middle line that doesn’t erase the right and left lines, but builds something new in the middle.    

Our egoism consists of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. The left line is pure egoism that divides and separates us. The right line wants to connect us by averaging and erasing all the differences. If we follow these two lines, hatred and love, without combining them correctly, we won’t succeed.

In the correct connection, both left and right lines connect with each other. As a result, four levels of the left line (inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human), four levels of the right line, and four levels of the middle line give rise to the twelve tribes of the people of Israel, each of which retains its character and purpose.

Therefore, it was necessary to keep each tribe in its inherent form and even marriages between the tribes were forbidden. And only later, when the people of Israel lost their spiritual attainment and descended from the degree of the middle line, marriages between the tribes became possible. It relates to the so-called “descent of the generations.”
From KabTV’s “New Life” 12/1/2016

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