The Creator As A Friend

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is this picture that unfolds in front of us? It is nature that is revealed more and more both within and around us. We uncover nature deeper and deeper and see that we exist inside the system. Apparently, as we exist in it, the system advances us toward some goal.

On one hand, man is a product of nature. On the other hand, we are special creatures of nature that can reveal their maker.

Who created us? Nature. Who advances us? Nature. Where does it move us? Judging by the history of our development, by the process of evolution, we can figure out where we are heading to. So let’s investigate this and find out!

The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from religions in that it gives a person tools for the revelation of the upper force. It tells him what he must do, instead of crying and praying to the idols that we ourselves made in hopes to beg for a good life.

The most effective form of study that helps a person to advance is the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is the difference between the upper force that religious people imagine and the one that Kabbalists, who have contact and relationship with this force, discover. Kabbalists can address the upper force, receive from it, and have precise interactions with it.

And the upper force, meaning Nature wants us to be in such interaction with it. By working with the system of nature, we gradually begin to reveal within it the mind and the feelings that each time are one degree above us.

The problem is that we can’t imagine the upper force that is not clothed in the matter and form. If the upper force is the entire nature, then it as if disappears for us. However, it is revealed precisely in the connection between us in a very clear manner. We have to reveal the Creator as our friend.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/17, “Mismach Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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